“Today, parents are being martyred by their children”

INTERVIEW – At a time when many parents apply the precepts of benevolent education, clinical psychologist Caroline Goldman warns of its excesses and recalls the importance of limits in the education of children. What parent hasn’t tried to hug their child after a post-tantrum crisis to reassure them of their love? Explained (for the fifth … Read more

Can a strict education increase the risk of depression in children?

One in five people suffer from depression in their lifetime. This is the finding of a report on mental health published by Inserm in December 2019. And if the appearance ofdepressive episodes depends on several factors, it seems that the education received during childhood is partly responsible, according to a recent German study. A too … Read more

Our pet? A member of the family for many of us

Credit: Illustration Unsplash Woufbox, a subsidiary of AwesomePetCo, carried out a study on the relationship of the French with their pets. Many of them consider their animal as a member of the family, even as a child. Woufbox, a brand of the AwesomePetCo group which offers pet boxes, is behind this survey of 1,002 people … Read more

Dropping out of school for foreign children in Japan: the urgency of creating access to education for all

Dropping out of foreign children in Japan: the very first survey In September 2019, for the first time the Ministry of Education drew up an inventory of the schooling of children of foreign nationality residing in Japan, but this national survey revealed that nearly 20,000 of them may not be educated. This would therefore concern … Read more