Rare dolphin dies in front of crowds of onlookers

Only two dolphins have been sighted in the North Sea in the last ten years: Now another one – but the animal died as a result of tragic circumstances. Tragic scenes in Meldorf Bay: On Sunday morning, beachgoers noticed that a dolphin had gotten lost there and was stuck on the mudflats of the bathing … Read more

“Respect for the Aged Day Special Offer”|Kamogawa Sea World-Aquarium theme park in Tokyo and Chiba

Limited to two days, September 17 (Sat) and 19 (Mon/holiday), 2022 Those who are 60 years old or older with proof of age can get a discount on the admission fee! On September 17, 2022 ( For two days on Saturday) and September 19 (Monday / holiday), “Respect for the Aged Day Special Offer” will … Read more

Dead dolphin found on shore

A dead dolphin was found on the banks of the Flensburg Fjord in Glücksburg (Schleswig-Holstein) at the weekend. The animal has since been examined at the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research in Büsum. Several media reported on the find on the Holnis Peninsula. A clear cause of death had not yet been determined … Read more

Government approves new marine mammal sanctuary in the Bay of Islands | New Zealand | Dolphins

[Epoch Times November 23, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Liu Qiqing New Zealand compiled a report) In order to protect marine mammals including bottlenose dolphins, the government has implemented strict regulations in the Bay of Islands in the Northland. New protection measures for marine mammals. On December 15, the new regulations will take effect in the new … Read more

371 works shortlisted for “Golden Dolphin Award” at the 14th Xiamen International Animation Festival

Southeast.com, October 15 (Fujian Daily reporter Liao Liping, correspondent Hong Huimin) The 14th Xiamen International Animation Festival “Golden Dolphin Award” animation competition finalists announced on the 13th. Twelve “big coffees” from the animation industry at home and abroad gathered in the “cloud” to make a preliminary evaluation of the collected works. A total of 371 … Read more

Viral test: the animal you choose reveals your personality – Fm Córdoba

In this psychological test you must choose, from the same image, the animal that first catches your attention. In this way you will know the true essence of your personality and how you really are before others. Look at the meaning of each of them lines below, and reflect on it. Test solution DOG In … Read more

Le Matin – Paola Delfín, street artist: “This fresco is an invitation to better understand the feelings of each of us”

Photos. Saouri Participating in the sixth “Jidar” street art meeting, the Mexican artist Paola Delfín created, at the level of the Moulay Ismaël boulevard in Rabat, a beautiful mural inspired by the Moroccan reference system. Through the portrait of a saleswoman in the market of the old medina of the capital, Paola invites us to … Read more

Birds that sleep while flying, fish that dive in the soil Sleep of impossible animals | NIKKEI STYLE

A young polar bear sleeping with snow on its nose. Like humans, most animals need sleep, but each method is unique (PHOTOGRAPH BY NORBERT ROSING, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION). For humans, sleep is essential, mysterious, and luxurious. The reason why humans need sleep has not yet been clarified, but it is certain. And by increasing … Read more