Facebook viral: mother discovers that her baby and her dog got together to grab some cookies without permission | Social networks

A great friendship. A lots of parents decide to host animals in their homes so that they are the best company for their children. However, they never imagine that they end up as accomplices of their antics. As demonstrated in a recent case that was shared on Facebook, where a dog joined a kid to … Read more

Your dog has been eating in poor posture all his life and you didn’t know it

Many people who have dogs as pets make mistakes that could be very harmful to health and there is one so everyday that you probably hadn’t even noticed. The position in which dogs eat is very important and yours will probably do it by lowering its head down to the ground to get their kibbles … Read more

Dogs can’t choose their owners, don’t let their faces be dull

Original title: Dogs can’t choose their owners, don’t let their faces be dull There have been so many dog ​​incidents recently. In Anyang, Henan Province, a family member of a public official surnamed Wang walked a dog and bit an elderly man. He did not admit to the surveillance video. The media followed up with … Read more

“Channel One” decided not to renew the contract for the transfer of “Field of Miracles”

As the press service of Channel One told Sobaka.ru, the channel decided not to renew the contract with the producer of the Pole Miracles project, VID TV company, due to the inexpediency of concluding a new contract on the changed conditions proposed to the channel. Instead, the channel reached an agreement to acquire from CBS … Read more

“Nose Pecha Exhibition 2021” held in Osaka, Christmas limited photo spots … December 10-26 | Web media “REANIMAL” that conveys the reality of animals

BACON will hold a new exhibition of the joint photo exhibition & product sales exhibition “Nose Pecha Exhibition” of French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu from December 10th to December 26th at LUCUA Osaka. hold. In addition to the cavalier “Claire (@claire__cavalier)” and Chow Chow’s “Kurizo (@kurizo_chow)”, which will be the first landing … Read more

Winning or not guilty … Dog “getting a judgment” Behind the scenes of commercialization talked by the person in charge of the topic toys | Hint-Pot

“Hand-held breaking news for judgments” is now available as a doggy toy[Image courtesy of Bandai Co., Ltd.] Looking at the reports that convey the judgment of the trial, there are people who run with a scroll with the content of the judgment such as “winning”. That is called “Mochibata” for breaking news, and is generally … Read more

In Sochi, a disabled person cut himself up by accident while trying to feed a dog

Residents of Sochi complained to the police about the dog Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA In the Adler district, the police had to help local residents get into their own housing, which was occupied by an aggressive dog. The animal growled and did not allow the owners to pass. – Frightened people noticed traces of blood on … Read more

What are home appliances that respond to the worries of dog and cat owners? Points to be aware of when at home taught by veterinarians –Home appliances Watch

Panasonic introduces hypochlorous acid sterilization deodorizers, vacuum cleaners, pet cameras, etc. as home appliances useful for pet owners Panasonic has released the results of a survey on changes in life and worries for dog and cat owners in light of the recent circumstances such as spending more time with pets at home and increasing the … Read more

Dog runs desperate after the car of owners – Noticieros Televisa

The driver of a vehicle allegedly abandoned his dog between Viaduct and Congress of the Union. We recommend you: Military of the Santa Lucía Airport create shelter for abandoned puppies and give them up for adoption A witness recorded how the dog ran after the car, but never caught up with it. Everything happened in … Read more