Volunteer dogs – The Malteser trains the animals to do this

Walk with the crutches, accompany the wheelchair or walk next to the walker. Visiting dogs must be able to do all of this. Here at the Malteser in Schwäbisch Gmünd dogs and possessions can go through this training. It lasts half a year. After that, the visiting dog teams are divided into different voluntary professional … Read more

Dog with two legs: How Joey enjoys his life despite a handicap

Updated: 05/26/2022 – 20:15 Small puppy with a great zest for life How dog Joey masters his life with only two legs! Foto: Shutterstock/Tony Stock Despite the handicap, the dog Joey is full of joie de vivre! (icon picture) With the young Chihuahua it is clear at first glance: the little rascal was born with a … Read more

Elephants, Raimundo Amador and Juan Perro star in the Cartagena Christmas Fort Concerts

Elephants, Raimundo Amador and Santiago Auserón. / Promo The transfer will be made in the Tourist Boat on a journey that will depart from the Port EP Thursday, May 26, 2022, 1:54 p.m. The ninth edition of the Christmas Fort Concerts, an event organized by Cartagena Puerto de Culturas, returns this year with concerts by … Read more

A resident of the city spoke about the dogs killed on Penza-IV

A resident of the regional center spoke about the danger that awaits animals in the Penza-IV microdistrict. She shared her fears in an appeal sent to the editors of the PenzaInform online publication. “A socially dangerous, aggressive man, who lives on Saranskaya Street, walks with a knife in his hands in the Penza IV district. … Read more

Up to 24% Off + Extra 20% Off Selected Greenies Dog Teeth Bone Value Pack! _Canada discount network

Recommended by: Summer is here| Posted 3 hours ago| Amazon online store sales, select a variety of Greenies dog toothbone value packs starting at 26%, free shipping over CAD 35, select Subscribe & Save service to get an additional 20% off, click to enter the order page. The VOHC-certified tooth cleaning bone, used continuously for … Read more

Why do dogs like to lick people? It turns out that it wants to tell you these things (Photos) Pets | Dogs |

Why do dogs like to lick people? Turns out it wanted to tell you these things. (Image source: Adobe Stock) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website. Does your dog like to lick people? Whether it’s licking people’s mouths, licking people’s feet, licking people’s faces, or dogs … Read more

Outrageous: He stabbed a dog and the owner of the pet did not want to file the complaint

A man stabbed a dog and left it badly injured, in Paso de Indos. Everything was recorded in an aberrant video that reached the police personnel of that town who acted ex officio in the event of animal abuse. According to police sources, around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, they intervened when they received a video … Read more

The dog is desperately swimming in the sea!Coast Guard rescues safely | NicoNico News

Click here for the original article of Carapia Only one dog was desperately swimming in the waters off North Carolina, USA. The Coast Guard, who was patroling the area, found the dog and was able to rescue it safely. The dog, who saw the guard ship, said he changed his direction to swim towards the … Read more