BILD-dog Jule – column with woof-effect: 35 degrees! Help, I’m a Hot Dog – News Domestic

Do you know why I don’t want to go to Denmark on vacation? That’s where they eat hot dogs. And I imagine that to be very dangerous for little dog girls in this hot summer. Heaven what the heat! 35 degrees on the terrace. I usually just trot into the bathroom and lie down on … Read more

About “nursing” of pet dogs … What percentage of owners have “experience”? “Taking care of excretion” “Night squeal” It was difficult to care for –All About NEWS

Keeping a living thing is very responsible. Sometimes you need long-term care to grow to the end. INUNAVI conducted a questionnaire survey on “senior dogs” among 121 senior dog owners nationwide. About 27% of the respondents said they were “nursing”, which is a minority …?What is a surprising fact? About caring for your dog As … Read more

In 2020, more than 5,800 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in the United States | Business Insider Japan

An employee of Japan Post who wears a mask and delivers mail. Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), more than 5,800 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in the United States in 2020. The city that suffered the most damage was Houston, Texas. The most damaged state is California. In … Read more

“Hero” dog rescues a baby deer from drowning and now they’re best friends | Society

A tender and heroic deed was recorded in Virginia, United States, when a dog decided to save a small deer that was swimming disoriented in a lake. The dog, called Harley six years old, he jumped into the water as soon as he saw a movement, and then began to swim near the fawn, according … Read more

in the Yenisei, a terrier was miraculously rescued, which jumped into the water from the ship

A Yorkshire terrier puppy was caught by people who swam on a boat along the Yenisei, 70 km from Yartsevo. Such a find came as a surprise to them, because there was not a single settlement near the river. How the animal ended up in the middle of the Yenisei was not clear. The dog … Read more

the owner denies the facts in court

Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. Through cedric ketelair This Tuesday, the owner of King, a dog found drowned and beaten in the canal in Hensies, went to court. He denies the facts. In July 2019, a worker made a macabre discovery in the canal at Hensies, beaten up and weighted with … Read more

Dog monitors Viennese when cleaning their cars for gas station readers

A was discovered at a gas station in Vienna-Floridsdorf “Today”– Reader reporter how a man cleaned his car while his dog was taking care of him. How cute! On Sunday afternoon, a Viennese was washing his car at a petrol station on Brünner Strasse while his dog was waiting next to him on the leash. … Read more

The dog helped find a seven-year-old boy from Bratsk

Bratsk, June 17. The police in Bratsk received a message that the boy went outside in the morning and did not return. German Shepherd Hephaestus helped find the child. On Wednesday, July 16, the mother addressed the police department of the city of Bratsk in the Irkutsk region with a statement about the disappearance of … Read more

▷ 43 percent of Germans would rather have a dog than a cat

17.06.2021 – 10:00 DEVK insurance Cologne (ots) There is probably no other question that is discussed so often among animal lovers: dog or cat? Few rave about both. In a current YouGov survey, DEVK asked over 2,000 German citizens about their favorite animal. Because there are also differences between dogs and cats when it comes … Read more