Max, the blind and deaf dog whose life the Police changed, accompanies the cleaning of the Rocha – Cochabamba

Max, a Golden dog, is a living testimony that love changes life. The uniformed members of the Cochabamba Tourist Police adopted him and made his recovery. Through the official page of Police Frequency, they said that the elderly pet is blind and deaf, but that was not an impediment to give him a more dignified … Read more

Tumbled 13%! Bitcoin fell below US$52,000 and over 470,000 people broke up 37.9 billion in ashes! _ Oriental Fortune Network

Dogecoin, which was born out of ridicule of Bitcoin, has seen its value increase in recent months far away from the original object of ridicule. Since the beginning of 2021,Dogecoin’s highest rise is approaching 100 times; if starting from the low of $0.001158 on March 13, 2020, the price of Dogecoin will rise by a … Read more

“Yorick was completely torn apart”: a fighting dog bitten a terrier in a store on Parnassus | |

The dog died in a store in the north of St. Petersburg on the evening of April 16. Eyewitnesses told about the incident. The group “Parnas City | Forum | Severnaya Dolina and ZhK Parnas” says that a man went with a Yorkshire terrier to a store on Zarechnaya Street, 25. Then a woman came … Read more

A fighting dog bit a Yorkshire terrier in a liquor store on Parnassus

A fighting dog bit a Yorkshire terrier in a liquor store on Parnassus … Recognizers of road accidents and emergency situations St. Petersburg 00:47 18.04.2021 70 Residents of Parnassus witnessed the brutal massacre of a bull terrier. A fighting dog without a muzzle attacked a Yorkshire terrier standing next to him. In the evening of … Read more

The topic is too honest recruitment! Inquiries flooded with protected dogs that were described as “angry machines weighing about 5.9 kg” | Business Insider Japan

Chihuahua planner (2) became a big topic. Second Chance Pet Adoption League Suddenly, hundreds of people were interested in welcoming their families to a Chihuahua that hadn’t been picked up for months. Tyfanee Fortuna’s foster parent recruitment announcement described the Chihuahua as “an angry machine weighing 13 pounds.” Plancer hates men, children and other animals, … Read more

Crazy!200% in a single day, the entire network bursts with 15.7 billion yuan in 2 months and can become a million dollars in two months. Musk can’t sit still jqknews

Original title: Crazy!200% in a single day, the entire network smashed 15.7 billion yuan, and it could become a millionaire in two months. Musk can’t sit still. From cheap altcoins to the hottest fifth largest crypto in the worldcurrency, Dogecoin only took more than 2 months. What pushed Dogecoin to the top wasTeslaCEO Elon Musk. … Read more

Collar translates your dog’s barking and emotions

Undoubtedly, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and it is that recently a group of South Korean scientists presented a collar that through artificial intelligence (AI) is able to translate your dog’s barking and emotions; undoubtedly a revolutionary invention that recalls the incredible children’s film of Up: a high altitude adventure. After the launch … Read more

A dog betrays his owner for carrying 279 grams of marijuana

Agents of the Tenerife National Police have arrested a 37-year-old man in Adeje, with no police record, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime. Crime against public health. This is how El día, a Canarian newspaper reports that the man was walking a dog of a potentially dangerous breed, without a muzzle on, on Ernesto … Read more