It was his German Shepherd dog that saved a boy who was about to be attacked by a neighbor’s dog.Instantly rushed and repulsed | Nico Nico News

See the original article from Karapaia here Dogs instantly sense the crisis of their family and try to protect them with their lives. In the United States, a 6-year-old boy was playing in his garden with his German Shepherd, Tank, when a neighborhood black dog rushed at him. Tank immediately piled himself up to protect … Read more

Nishikigoi Hasegawa, the rare experience of receiving a phone call from a dog “Wow-wow…” – fumumu

According to Masaki Hasegawa, the true identity is probably a “Golden Retriever”. Tsuyuko Wata type_b Broadcast on the 29th “Dancing! Masaki Hasegawa of the comedy duo Nishikigoi will appear in pacific saury Goten!!” (NTV). He talked about the rare experience of “I got a phone call from a dog.” ■ What story did you tell … Read more

Dog bites woman: animal owner threatens to hit him – Fichtelgebirge

Tempers were heated. The Marktredwitz police had to intervene. Already last Thursday, a woman was visiting a friend in the same district of Buchwald. At the property, she was attacked by a dog. The animal bit the woman’s thigh, police reported on Wednesday. The woman’s acquaintance was present, as was the dog owner. She threatened … Read more

A dog suddenly kills its owner with a shot when they were going hunting

A 32-year-old Turkish man named Ozgur Gevrekog went on a trip one morning with his dog without thinking that this would be the last trip of his life.. Both went last weekend to the Kizlan plateau, in the province of Samsun (northern Turkey) with the aim of going hunting. As reported by various Turkish media … Read more

Dies after being shot at point-blank range by his own dog

He dies after being shot point blank by his own dog on a hunting trip: they investigate the eventsocial media Ozgur Gevrekog, a 32-year-old Turkish man, died last weekend after being shot at point-blank range by his own dog The animal stepped on the trigger of the loaded shotgun next to its owner’s boot, firing … Read more

Investigated for mistreating his dog in Mogán and a veterinarian for document falsification

The Patrol of Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard Neighborhood (Gran Canaria) last October investigated a person for the crime of animal abuse and/or abandonment, since in addition to having four dogs in a private home in a precarious state, according to images provided to the Benemérita, it can be seen how the … Read more

DOGS AT HOME | The dog that best adapts to living in an apartment or in a house with children

Some breeds of dogs are usually the first to be chosen and adopted in kennels. These breeds are extremely sweet, affectionate and are even among the most adopted if we have newborns at home. Dogs of these breeds are some of the most docile, affectionate and widely adopted by families, but they may have problems … Read more

They investigate the abandonment of ten dog puppies in this municipality of Zamora

The volunteers ofAbandoned animals in Toro” denounce the abandoned 10 dogs at the gates of the Toro animal shelter. The volunteers have already brought the facts to the attention of the police, who are investigating the authorship of the abandonment. The association has requested through social networks the collaboration of citizens who can provide some … Read more