The Paris Bourse is down 1.05% against the new variant

The Paris Bourse was down 1.05% Thursday morning, following the trend initiated the day before on Wall Street in the face of fears related to the Omicron variant. At 9:20 am, the flagship CAC 40 index lost 72.40 points to 6,809.47 points. On Wednesday, he had gained 2.39%, his best session of the year. The … Read more

The Paris Bourse resumes to start December

The Paris Bourse rebounded 0.80% at the opening Wednesday despite fears about the evolution of the health situation and a change of tone from the boss of the US central bank on inflation. Read alsoThe Paris Bourse ends down 0.81%, at 6,721.16 points At 9 am the star index CAC 40 gained 53.64 points to … Read more

Is the ban on the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops a threat to the sector?

DECRYPTION – The law prohibiting the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores from 2024 questions the future of these stores. With nearly nine million dogs and 15 million cats, the French no longer hide their growing affection for pets. However, it will no longer be possible to soften up in front of puppies … Read more

The Tokyo Stock Exchange rebounds, reassured by US indicators

The Tokyo Stock Exchange evolved Thursday morning in rebound, erasing part of its losses of the day before, encouraged in particular by positive American indicators and the downward trend of the yen against the dollar. The flagship Nikkei index, which dropped nearly 1.6% on Wednesday, recovered 0.82% to 29,543.02 points around 1:55 am. The broad … Read more

Europe is rising in the absence of American markets

European stock markets were moving green Thursday in the absence of US markets, closed to celebrate Thanksgiving, and despite a slight downward revision in German growth in the third quarter. On the Old Continent, the places of Paris (+ 0.30%) Frankfurt (+ 0.37%) London (+ 0.13%) and Milan (+ 0.35%) advanced moderately at 09:30 GMT. … Read more

The Paris Bourse ends close to equilibrium (-0.03%) at 7,042.23 points

The Paris Bourse ended close to equilibrium on Wednesday (-0.03%), at the end of a volatile session during which many indicators, tensions around the Covid-19 in Europe and the policy of the US Federal Reserve have occupied investors. The flagship CAC 40 index fell by 2.39 points to 7,042.23 points. The day before, it had … Read more

The Paris Bourse is down 0.42% amid resurgence of the pandemic

The Paris Bourse ended down 0.42% on Friday, caught up by fears related to the Covid-19 pandemic after restriction measures announced in Austria and Germany. The flagship CAC 40 index lost 29.69 points to 7,112.29 points. The day before, it had finished down 0.21%, breaking a series of six sessions up. The last two days … Read more

The Paris Bourse opens up 0.15% to 6,723.06 points

The Paris Bourse opened a small increase of 0.15% on Tuesday, slightly supported by the good performance recorded the day before on the New York Stock Exchange, but pending new publications from companies. At 9 a.m., the CAC 40 star index was up 10.19 points to 6,723.06 points, following a 0.31% decline. Read alsoVolvo Cars: … Read more

The Paris Bourse is waiting to start the week

The Paris Bourse yielded 0.14% Monday morning, after starting the session in the green, wait-and-see the start of a week loaded with corporate results and macroeconomic events. At 9:35 am, the flagship CAC 40 index lost 9.60 points to 6,724.09 points. On Friday, it ended up 0.71% but had made little headway over the entire … Read more

Russian Softline plans to go public in London

Russian tech firm Softline on Thursday announced plans to go public in London in October, as appetite for Russian stocks has risen recently as investors seek returns in emerging markets. Indicating that the final price at which the shares will be offered will be determined at a later date, Softline clarified that it wanted to … Read more