The deputies proposed to extend the opening hours of public catering, as well as to prohibit the unvaccinated from attending concerts and other public events

Uzbekistan, Tashkent – AN Deputies of the lower house of parliament have proposed several recommendations for the Special Republican Commission to change the situation with the “lame” vaccination against coronavirus. According to the speaker of the lower house of parliament Nurdinjon Ismailov, now it is necessary to stimulate the population to speed up the … Read more

Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounces the health pass

The candidate of Insubordinate France tries to capture the anger against Emmanuel Macron without mixing with the antivax. A balancing act. During a “Speech” Friday afternoon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon wanted to criticize the new executive measures related to the health situation, avoiding mixing with the camp of «antivaccines» denounced Thursday by Emmanuel Macron. Traveling in the … Read more

Expert immigration lawyer suggests implementing a strategic plan to reinforce the border

SANTO DOMINGO, RD.- The Coordinator of the Dominican Association of Lawyers Immigration from the Dominican Republic Nelson De León Santana, noted that the murder of the Haitian president Jovenel Moïse, it is not yet clear, since the presidential security did not act adequately, to avoid the death of the president. The union member explains that … Read more

Verkhovna Rada deputies want to return education in Russian

The media learned about the development of amendments to the law on total Ukrainization, which will significantly soften the rules restricting the use of the Russian language in all spheres of life. Deputies of the Ukrainian parliament from the Servant of the People faction developed an initiative to amend the law on total Ukrainization. The … Read more

a candidacy of Anne Hidalgo caught by #saccageparis, melting pot of all anger

STORY – Anti-car policy, dirt in the streets, choice of street furniture … The movement has grown to express its anger towards the policies of the mayor of Paris. Anger is contagious in the capital. After a great success by denouncing, via social networks, the dirtiness of the streets and the choices of new street … Read more

François Bayrou wants caregivers who refuse to be vaccinated to be “suspended”

The High Commissioner for Planning considers the refusal of caregivers to be vaccinated as “non-assistance in person in danger”. As the government prepares new announcements to try to contain the Delta variant of Covid-19, concern is mounting over the categorical refusal of some caregivers to be vaccinated. Guest of BFMTV this Sunday, François Bayrou recalled … Read more

We were able to visit the “tunnel of Walloon deputies” in Namur, a cost of 700,000 € “for reasons of security and mobility”

Posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 7:06 p.m. Through Christophe Halbardier The Grognon car park, the largest in Namur, was inaugurated on Wednesday. The Walloon Parliament will occupy 120 out of 670 places there during the week. A tunnel has also been created to connect the car park to the hemicycle. Much criticized for … Read more

Dog owners were allowed to walk in the squares of Magnitogorsk

One of the issues considered by the deputies at the next meeting was the introduction of amendments to the Improvement Rules. Those were previously prohibited from walking with dogs in city parks and squares, writes the site “MR-info”. There are thousands of dog breeders in Magnitogorsk. And many of them, seeing no other way out, … Read more

Emmanuel Macron continues his subliminal campaign

Three days before the first round of regional, the Head of State visited the lands of Xavier Bertrand and the RN in Hauts-de-France. Promised, Emmanuel Macron is not in the countryside. But there is still a doubt. Traveling in Hauts-de-France Thursday for the third stage of his Tour de France, the President of the Republic … Read more

Three regional “Voice” cells demand that Rudik resign / GORDON

“Unfortunately, over the past few months, the party has lost the lion’s share of its members, supporters, and more recently, half of the parliamentary faction. And this is a clear signal that the party requires global changes,” noted in the Cherkasy regional cell of Golos. – We believed to the last in finding a compromise, … Read more