It’s decided, the crematorium for animals will be in the cemetery of Schaerbeek

Par M.B. | Published on 05/28/2022 at 20:03 This project, discussed for 15 years, will be carried out in the staff parking lot of the Schaerbeek cemetery, not far from the future crematorium of Evere. Co-financed by the Region and the inter-municipal crematorium, it should cost just over 1.5 million euros. *** ********** *** ******* … Read more

Postgraduate Scholarship | Kaliningrad State Technical University

26.05.2022 Postgraduate Scholarship An open competitive selection is announced among graduate students for the right to receive scholarships from the President/Government of the Russian Federation, studying in educational programs of higher education for the 2022/2023 academic year. The award of scholarships is carried out based on the results of the selection of applicants from among … Read more

Naboichenko scholarship will appear for students of the Ural Federal University

The Ural Federal University decided to establish a scholarship named after Stanislav Naboychenko. Thus, the leadership of the university wants to perpetuate the memory of the former rector of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, who died this week. The acting Rector of UrFU Viktor Koksharov told the media about the establishment of a nominal scholarship. In … Read more

The musicians lowered their voice – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Russian artists, one by one, postpone the next concerts for an indefinite period. Recently, Boris Grebenshchikov announced on Twitter that the performances of Aquarium have been canceled until better times. Earlier, other rock bands also announced the postponement of concerts. At the same time, musicians risk losing streaming listening revenue. This is due to the … Read more

Mongolian students study Russian at the Annunciation University

This academic year, the Far Eastern State Agrarian University accepted two students from Mongolia to study the Russian language. Munhtungalag and Khongorzul graduated from high school in 2021 and decided to continue their studies in Russia. The correspondent met and talked with foreign students. Polina Morozova, a tutor and a third-year student of the … Read more

the mask falls almost everywhere … in Flanders, Wallonia has not decided, Horeca, discotheques, Covid Safe Ticket, here is what has been decided!

The Consultative Committee met this Friday, September 17, 2021. The representatives of the various governments of the country met at the Egmont Palace in Brussels to take stock of the evolution of the epidemiological situation and to express their views on the remaining measures. in force. Here is what was announced. The mask falls almost … Read more

the Walloon Region is mobilizing 2.5 billion euros, here are all the measures decided to help disaster victims!

Posted Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 04:02 Through Benoit Jacquemart The figures are dizzying, they are commensurate with the disaster that hit Wallonia in July. The Region has decided to mobilize unprecedented means to come to the aid of disaster victims and is resolutely looking to the future. Two and a half billion euros! This … Read more

Student parties and covid: what ULB, UCLouvain and Unamur decided

Teachers and students will find auditoriums and classrooms, which resume 100% face-to-face, both in Wallonia and in Brussels. Lre-entry into higher education will also take place outside the audiences. Baptisms, blues and evenings will be able to resume with a distinguished guest: the sanitary pass. Teachers and students will find auditoriums and classrooms, which resume … Read more

Irina Allegrova will give a big jubilee concert on the occasion of her 70th birthday

Show business Irina Allegrova decided to organize a large-scale anniversary show dedicated to her 70th birthday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the singer almost did not go on stage due to fear of contracting coronavirus. Image via: instagram @irinaallegrovaofficial Recently, the artist decided to return to public life and even visited Sochi at the … Read more

Singer Valeria arranged a concert for her granddaughter to the accompaniment of her son

Singer Valeria decided to arrange a home concert for her granddaughter to the accompaniment of her son Arseny Shulgin. In the near future Celine will be seven months old. Image via: instagram @valeriya Valeria tries to spend all her free time with her granddaughter. At the same time, Shulgin often comes to his parents, leaving … Read more