Abandoned deaf dog is a ‘perfect match’ with a hearing-impaired professor | deaf dog | deaf man | sign language

[The Epoch Times, August 5, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Louise Chambers / Wang Jingyi compiled) A deaf dog has been sent to a Florida shelter, where it is being treated by a retired hearing-impaired dog. The professor found the perfect permanent home there. Champ, a 14-month-old Labrador, was handed over to the Tampa Bay Humane … Read more

Coldplay: this is how the special vests and headphones of their concert work | Music

Daniel Gutiérrez DieckMarch 24, 2022 – 14:51 The British rock band found a way for the deaf community to enjoy their concert Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add It’s not a secret that Coldplay seeks to be the most socially responsible during their concerts and now, they distribute … Read more

The eleven years of struggle of Ángela, the deaf teacher to whom Justice agrees in a sentence that highlights the “absolute abandonment” of Education

The last eleven years of working life of the accitana Angela González Molina can be summed up with this paragraph that the judge of Administrative Litigation number 3 of Granada collected in his sentence of March 2021 and that is worthwhile. “We are dealing with a worker who suffers from a recognized hearing disability of … Read more

How sign speakers got creative in the pandemic | Culture | DW

In the corona pandemic, many of us were forced to break new ground in communication: digital work meetings, virtual classrooms or meetings with friends and family – most of us are now fed up with them. Deaf people face completely different challenges with video conferencing and especially the wearing of masks. “The mask requirement makes … Read more

Deaf Shepherd Dogs Learn Sign Language and Return to Herding Career | Recognizing Sign Language | Recognizing Body Language

[Epoch Times June 30, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Xifan compiled a report) In Norwich, England, a sheepdog who had to “retire” due to an accidental deafness, with the help of a new owner After learning to recognize sign language, she regained her second life. The 9-year-old Scottish Border Collie, named Peggy, had previously disappeared due … Read more