Dramatized routes and concerts stand out on World Tourism Day

Dramatized routes and concerts stand out on World Tourism Day The province In a ceremony held yesterday at the Casa de los Sall, in the San Francisco neighborhood, the councilor encouraged Teldenses to believe that “we have enough values ​​to promote ourselves as a tourist or host destination by showing our resources to our own … Read more

EMD 09 14 21 State of Maryland lists the tragedy of an undocumented family as an exceptional humanitarian case

TITLE: State of Maryland lists the tragedy of an undocumented family as an exceptional humanitarian case DATE: Wednesday, September 8 SCRIPT EDITOR: Luis Alonso REGION OF INTEREST: UNITED STATES The drama that a fire created for an undocumented Salvadoran family has been listed as an exceptional humanitarian case by the Maryland state government, which will … Read more

why and in what doses it can be part of a healthy diet

Antioxidant, stimulating, good for the heart, for the brain and for the spirit. Many are the Benefits which are attributed to a food as delicious as it is caloric: chocolate, whose day is celebrated today. But what do the specialists say? What’s your best version of its purported health benefits? And in what dose should … Read more

How was the festive concert “Artik & Asti” for the City Day in Omsk

The group performed the most popular songs. Photo: In contact with Last weekend, September 12, Omsk residents celebrated the City Day. This year Omsk has a small anniversary, 305 years old. The holiday was supposed to take place in early August, but everything has shifted due to the coronavirus. Then the third wave of covid … Read more

Saratov Rospotrebnadzor urged to exclude concerts and fireworks on City Day

Yesterday, September 8, at the coordinating council for the fight against coronavirus, the deputy head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor Nadezhda Matveyeva called for the exclusion of concerts and fireworks on City Day in Saratov. – High risks of deterioration of the epidemiological situation for coronavirus remain in connection with the holding of mass events. In … Read more

schedules, participants, team and where to look at it

In 2019, two years after the creation of FMS, the first international edition of the contest began. With the final phase, in 2020, the event broke records, being one of the most remembered shows in the history of Spanish-speaking freestyle. In addition, it was the last major event prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, … Read more

Every day a dog enters the A Madroa shelter

A Madroa improved its facilities this year thanks to the City Council’s investment of 80,000 euros. A grant that made it possible to change the roof cover, quarantine zone, modernization of computer systems, change of the electrical system, a new office, sanitation, among other actions. A project to modernize the existing cages is currently underway … Read more

the attending physician of Pelageya, Bi-2 and Babkina told how the stars look after the voice

To “reanimate” the voices of Lyova and Shura, the doctor had to urgently fly to Novosibirsk. Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network A pandemic is a pandemic, but the show is a must: the season of performances, tours and big concerts has started. The “post-coronavirus period” promises the … Read more

Onda will put on sale on the 13th the first tickets for the Fira concerts

Councilor María Prades, together with the author of the poster, Juan Carlos Ortega. Mediterranean The City Council of Then announced this Friday the dates on which tickets for all the next cultural events will be available Fira d’Onda 2021. Thus, the reservation of tickets for the charity concerts of Rozalén, Men G and Boycott they … Read more