Five concerts over three days – Waldshut-Tiengen

Casal Quartet invites you to the Music Days / Tiengen, Kadelburg and Hohentengen are venues. . Four concerts at uniquely low admission prices and a benefit concert – the Casal Quartet & Friends invite you to the music days in Tiengen, Hohentengen and Kadelburg. This is made possible by federal funding as part of the … Read more

A couple in the neighborhood who always strokes a dog.The dog kept watching the growing family | NicoNico News

Click here for the original article of Carapia There is a very friendly dog. She loves getting people to stroke her, and every time someone passes by, she stands on the fence in front of the front door, waving her tail and flirting with her amiability. If you like dogs, you can’t ignore it. The … Read more

A young couple from Grand-Leez to the rescue of abandoned animals in Ukraine

By Colleen Twister Journalist La Meuse Namur | Published on 2/04/2022 at 15:05 Maia and Pepijn will leave from Grand-Leez, direction Medyka, a village on the border between Poland and Ukraine. Equipped with baskets, cages and kibble, they will come to the aid of animals abandoned during the exile of their masters. ****** ** ****** … Read more

couple’s dog found starving and dehydrated, ‘worst case of animal abuse in 15 years’ (pictured)

Published on Friday, March 11, 2022 at 2:45 p.m. These are images that are particularly difficult to watch. They show Tiggy, a three-year-old dog, who has become skeletal because his masters had fun starving him. It has been described as “the worst case of animal abuse in 15 years”. Kerry Patterson, 35, and Reece Milburn, … Read more