Why do Corona virus swabs show positive in some cases despite recovery? Study illustrating

A study issued by the American Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research revealed the reasons why the results of tests for people with Corona positive for the virus despite the passage of a period of recovery from symptoms, according to what was reported on the Medical Express website. The study indicated that the secret behind this … Read more

Find out who are most at risk of contracting pneumonia

Some people are at a higher risk of developing pneumonia than others.timesnownewsSome of the factors that affect the risk of infection are: 1 – Old age Elderly people or people over the age of 65 are more likely to develop pneumonia. 2- Underlying health complications Any underlying health complications can increase your chances of developing … Read more

Health: The implementation of additional precautionary measures for Corona in quarantine at all entry points to the country

Subscribe to receive the most important news Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said that additional precautionary measures have been taken for the Corona virus, with quarantine at all entry points to the country, in conjunction with the emergence of new virus mutations in a number of countries in the world. This came during … Read more

Experts: The COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Momentum for Asthma Patients to Better Control Their Conditions

In this case, Arto said that asthma patients who can control their condition are those who do not often experience complaints such as tightness, coughing, or wheezing. “So asthma like that does not increase the risk of contracting COVID, if it can also not cause more weight, does not increase the death rate.” “But on … Read more

Obesity Men Are More Prone to Death by Covid-19 Than Women

Suara.com – It has long been known that obesity is a risk factor for severe Covid-19 in infected people. But new research suggests that the relationship may be stronger for men than women. The study has been published in European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. Launch from MedicinenetResearchers at Montefiore Medical Center in … Read more

Study: Novavax Vaccine 51% Effective Against South African Variant Covid

“It’s no wonder the vaccine’s effectiveness was lower among volunteers with HIV, a virus that attacks the immune system. Studying them in South Africa makes sense because they represent a large proportion of the population that is there, ”said John Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, … Read more

Her condition is difficult and on a respiratory condition … Nadia’s ethnic daughter reveals a development

12:16 PM Thursday 06 May 2021 Books – Mustafa Hamzah: “Please I invite her, perhaps you are closer to God than me.” With those words, Nelly, the daughter of the Iraqi artist Nadia, asked to pray to her mother, who is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital, after she was infected with the Coronavirus. Nelly, … Read more

Doom is inevitable .. The emergence of a mysterious disease that destroys the human brain within days

At a time when the world was confused about revealing a way to control the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, and not understanding the hidden reasons behind its spread in a horrific way that results in injuries and deaths, a new rare and dangerous disease that affects the brain has revealed in Canada. According to a BBC … Read more

Failure of lung function and bacterial infection..the artist’s health status developments

08:13 PM Wednesday 05 May 2021 Books – Hani Saber:Adham, the son of the Iraqi actress Nadia, revealed the developments in her health after she was transferred to intensive care after being infected with the Corona virus, and also the developments of the health status of his family. Adham wrote, through his account on Facebook: … Read more

3 simple ways to boost your immunity against corona … including reducing calories and eating fiber

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world at the beginning of last year, experts recommend people the importance of working to enhance their immunity, stay at home, take the vaccine and other ways to avoid infection with this virus, and there are some ways to maintain our immunity in good condition through … Read more