Morning emotions: Students returning to school after a break need training

07:34 AM Sunday 24 October 2021 Awatef Al-Sabah, a mental health consultant, said that life is starting to return to normal. After easing Corona restrictions in most countries of the world, and this matter needs psychological preparation; Since everyone for a long time used to work from home. Al-Sabah added that the students’ return to … Read more

The Ministry of Public Health reiterates that injecting Pfizer 2 injections to fight Delta, will have a chance to inject 3 needles for the Sino Farm group, complete 2 doses from Nov.

Department of Disease Control reiterates the injectionPfizer vaccine 2 needles help stimulate immunity against Delta species better. Side effects of myocardial infarction in boys, the likelihood of occurrence is 6 per 100,000 people and it will go away on its own. Wait for Chulabhorn Hospital to send information about the study that people who received … Read more

Latest PPKM Level 2 Java-Bali Travel Requirements, PCR Mandatory Flying!

Jakarta – A number of rules were re-adjusted in the extension of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for the next 2 weeks. One of them is related to travel requirements in the PPKM level 2 Java-Bali area. The latest regulations require air transportation users to show a negative result of the RT-PCR (Real … Read more

Task Force Admits Corona Reappears in RSCM, WHO Panel Reminds Wave 3

Jakarta – Corona patients at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) re-emerged in October 2021. According to the spokesman for the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, there was an increase but the number of reported cases was relatively small. Even so, the government continues to monitor the situation of health facilities, preparing strategies if there … Read more

In the country – check here! The top 10 Covid-19 cases in Thailand ‘South’ is still heavy – ‘Muang Khon’ has moved to number 3

Monday, October 18, 2021, 1:32 p.m. Check it out here! The top 10 COVID-19 cases in Thailand ‘South’ is still heavy – ‘Muang Khon’ has moved to number 3 October 18, 2021, the page “COVID-19 Information Center” reports the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 that there are 10,111 new cases today, 1,793,812 accumulated confirmed … Read more

How prolonged use of face masks affects oral health.. Know the symptoms

In light of the Corona Virus pandemic, masks have become an essential element. Face masks provide protection from the respiratory system and reduce transmission in the community, making masks one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of Corona virus disease. While masks are generally useful, prolonged use of the same mask It can … Read more

The remaining 18,746 active cases of Corona RI, 44 more patients died

Jakarta – The number of positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia increased by 997 on Saturday (16/10/2021). The total positive cases so far have been recorded at 4,234,011, recovered 4,072,332, died 142,993. The number of specimens examined today is 270,811. The total number of suspects reached 490,512, while active cases were 18,746. Details of … Read more

How important and what kind of protection does the flu vaccine provide?

Influenza is a common virus that spreads during times of seasonal change, and influenza can be a serious health problem for some cases, especially people at risk from the elderly and others, and vaccination against influenza is no less important than vaccination against the Corona virus, and doctors stressed the importance of influenza vaccination at … Read more

Corona today: a new discovery that defeats the virus… and a different medicine awaits…

03:00 pm Tuesday 12 October 2021 Books – Syed Metwally We are all looking forward to knowing what is happening every minute, given the tremendous development that “Covid-19” has brought into our lives. “Masrawy” provides a daily service to display everything you want to know about the developments of the emerging corona virus, from the … Read more

More and more, this is a list of countries that temporarily stop moderna vaccines at a young age

Jakarta – Reports of increased cases of myocarditis or inflammation of the heart after Moderna vaccination were reported in a number of countries. Especially in some European countries. They chose to stop the Moderna vaccine at the age of young adults, from 30 years and under. The incidence of myocarditis is also said to occur … Read more