How does the metaverse “chain” empower the cultural and tourism industry- Theory- China Industry Network

Original title: How does Metaverse “chain” empower the cultural and tourism industry [core point of view] ◆The “boundless” of metaverse technology accelerates the frequency of cross-border and collision, leading to the prosperity of “creator economy”. ◆In the Metaverse, digital technologies such as big data can help cultural products to be quickly and efficiently publicized and … Read more

South Korea: present project to ban the consumption of cat and dog meat | International

A parliamentarian from the ruling People’s Power Party (PPP) from South Korea proposed a bill to prohibit the slaughter and sale of dog and cat meat to put an end to its consumption, a controversial practice still in force in the country. (See: World food prices continue to fall, but are still high). The proposal … Read more

The Paris Stock Exchange above 7500 points for the first time

By Le Figaro with AFP Published 1 hour ago , Update 1 hour ago Investors seea series of indicators pointing to a recession in the United States during the yearbut other indicators remain very positive. studio v-zwoelf / For the fourth consecutive session, the Paris Stock Exchange broke its own record and reached a … Read more

New absolute record for the Paris Stock Exchange, which opens higher

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 12 hours ago , Update 11 hours ago The day before, it had finished up 0.89%. Blue Planet Studio / With an increase of 0.18% on Wednesday, the Paris Stock Exchange digs its record. The star CAC 40 index gained 13.25 points to 7403.53 points at 9:30 a.m., … Read more

War, inflation, banking storm… The CAC 40 outsmarts the black swans

” data-script=”” > The flagship index of the Paris Bourse on Tuesday broke its historic record of January 2022. The French flagships of luxury and energy, in great shape, are driving its growth. The Paris Stock Exchange is once again celebrating. After a four-day break for the long Easter weekend, the CAC 40 climbed 0.89% … Read more

Why are the stock markets closed this Friday?

Par Margot Ruault Posted 10 hours ago , Update 9 hours ago Several stories circulate about the reasons for this annual closure. HJBC / Global financial markets take a break on Good Friday, although not a public holiday in all countries. Notice to the stockbrokers, the world stock exchanges will close their doors on the … Read more

European stock markets rebound after ECB decision

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted yesterday at 11:26 , Update yesterday at 6:30 p.m. The Parisian rating is hesitant on Thursday morning: the star CAC 40 index only rose by 0.72% around 11:15 a.m. CHARLES PLATES / REUTERS The President of the ECB assured Thursday that the institution would be ready to react if … Read more

German education is going through ‘a deep crisis’

By Peter April Posted yesterday at 7:18 p.m. , Update yesterday at 7:18 p.m. picture alliance/dpa/picture alliance via Getty I DECRYPTION – Shortage of teachers, excessive decentralization… The flagship model of vocational training is running out of steam. For decades, the German vocational training model has demonstrated its excellence, estimates Felix Winkler, school principal in … Read more

The European stock markets are unscrewing again, BNP Paribas and Société Générale fall by more than 10%

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – The bankruptcy of the Californian bank SVB and several small American establishments continues to pour its poison on the markets. After a brief lull on Tuesday, European markets are again in turmoil, still undermined by the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and several small American establishments. Banks are once … Read more

European stock markets fall sharply, banks plunge

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted yesterday at 10:26 , Update yesterday at 4:02 p.m. European markets had opened close to balance on Monday morning. Pavel Bobrovskiy / Investors remain under pressure, despite the measures taken by the American authorities to restore confidence in the American banking sector. Financial markets are rocking strongly on … Read more