Reimagine, reinvent and adapt

From the first months in which the reality of the pandemic began, both experts in higher education worldwide and entities that are dedicated to safeguarding this service, expressed that it should contribute with its leadership in recovering from the consequences and impacts of the tragedy. caused by the coronavirus. To achieve this leadership, Higher Education … Read more

Students selected by Colfuturo have 47% more income according to studies

An impact study by the Universidad de los Andes and the CNC found that the Credit Scholarship Program offered by Colfuturo not only has positive effects on the quality of postgraduate studies and the salaries of the beneficiaries, but also generates positive returns for the society and the economy. The study found that for every … Read more

Revolution in police education

The reform of the National Police focuses on education. This training process is focused on developing skills to interact with the community, in order to provide effective protection. The work of the Police requires special skills to be able to serve the citizens. However, the surveillance service that is the raison d’être of the institution … Read more

“The prestige of the orchestra in Latin America helped Disney choose us”

After surviving virtual concerts, the entertainment industry has been reactivated over the weeks, gradually returning to the stage. For David García, director of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, the contingency has helped the increase in attendance at these events to be considerable. How has it been to return to the stage after this contingency? For the … Read more

Joe Biden fell into a border state

Problems with migrants again found themselves at the center of political confrontation in the United States. The country is “dying from within,” and the reason for this is the inaction of the current administration in resolving the migration crisis. This was stated by ex-President Donald Trump, calling for the completion of the wall on the … Read more

First line of traffic | Haiman Expressway specializes in animal passage_lar

Original title: First line of traffic | Haiman Expressway specializes in animal passages 1 Up to now, the 167.291 kilometers of the main line reconstruction section of the Hai (Laer) Manzhouli Expressway has been completed. The installation of mechanical and electrical engineering equipment and related debugging work are underway. The new section of 21.389 kilometers … Read more

Coomeva Prepaid Medicine will invest $ 22,000 million in seven Medical Centers

After a complex year due to the pandemic, Coomeva Prepaid Medicine announced an investment of $ 22,000 million to finalize new infrastructure in 2022. Marco Aurelio Montes Martínez, general manager of the company, explained the other plans they have for next year. What is the investment plan for 2022? We have a very ambitious expansion … Read more

Xi Jinping Scrutinizes Chinese Financial Institutions’ Ties With Private Firms

Chinese President Xi Jinping is zeroing in on the ties that China’s state banks and other financial stalwarts have developed with big private-sector players, expanding his push to curb capitalist forces in the economy. Mr. Xi, who started his campaign late last year with a regulatory assault on private technology giants, is launching a sweeping … Read more

Drugs and education

Because of the pandemic, we are going through one of the deepest economic crises of the last century in Colombia. Added to this is the social outbreak and the sustained growth of violence that, for some, may represent the third peak of violence in the modern history of the country. At this juncture, the presidential … Read more

“The United States was not, nor has it been, classified as a tax haven in Colombia”

Vanessa Pérez Díaz – [email protected] The revelation of far more than 500 names of Colombian all-natural and legal individuals who established businesses in tax havens, many thanks to the investigation named Pandora Papers, place the present-day director of Dian, Lisandro Junco, in the aim of the information. Several hours after the investigation became recognized, the … Read more