the 4 most common deceptions

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE Tickets for shows are selling out faster and faster and many are entering the resale market, where fraud is common. Keys to protect yourself. Over the next several months international singers and bandswhich mobilize thousands of fans around the world, they will bring their shows to the country. And despite the value of … Read more

Miguel Mateos talks about the Concert of Concerts in El Campín – Music and Books – Culture

On Friday, July 28, after 35 years, the Concert of Concerts returns to the El Campín stadium, in Bogotá. The pivotal concert in the history of rock in Colombia repeats some artists, including Miguel Mateos. One of the most important figures of Argentine rock will once again stand on that stage, this time, with her … Read more

Kinnick | the three-legged dog who ran away for eight months and then returned home

Kinnick, the three-legged dog who ran away for eight months and then returned home: the incredible story (On Friday 5 May 2023) Kinnick he had an unfortunate life. The cane in fact, he suffered the amputation of a paw because he was attacked by other similar ones, and because of that trauma he ran away … Read more

“The only one who treats me well and is faithful”

Susy Díaz married the dog “Chiki” on February 14, Valentine’s Day. It is popularly said that the greatest and purest love that one has will always pass on to their pet. But the Peruvian exvedette Susy Diaz He broke all the schemes and made a decision that brought a lot of controversy. The woman decided … Read more

They collect signatures so that the dog Caramelo does not leave with Romina

On social networks, they accuse the participant of treating the puppy badly and ask that they not separate him from his sister Mora. In the last few hours, criticism of Romina Uhrig for her deal with the dog Caramelo inside the house. There were several sequences in which the followers of the program noticed that … Read more

Coldplay will release a film with their historic concerts in River

The English band is scheduled to screen “Music of the Spheres: Live at River Plate” in movie theaters around the world, with the impressive furor of their ten shows in Argentina. Coldplay announced that the days April 19 and 23 The film will be screened in theaters around the world. Music of the Spheres: Live … Read more

he threw a brick at a peccary boar and they arrested him when he fled with his wounded prey

The attack was recorded on the cameras of the La Plata biopark. The animal -of a protected species- was rescued, in serious condition. a man was arrested after i tried stealing a peccary boar from the biopark of La Plataafter leaving the animal in serious condition: he had hit it with great viciousness with a … Read more

The benefits of daily walking with your dog for your health and that of your dog

Walking daily helps reduce stress, anxiety, and sadness, which dogs can also experience. One, two or three times a day. take out walking the dog It is an obligation related to their physiological needs, which every master knows and must respect. However, these walks they must last more than five minutes and, if possible, include … Read more

Jhonny Rivera took the stage with his dog to give a concert – People – Culture

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