List of College Chancellors with Multiple Positions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Amount principal universities in the country cum department in State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD), to private companies. A number of rectors also serve as main commissioners in these various companies. While some university statutes do not allow their officials to hold concurrent positions. The issue of the dual positions of … Read more

Atlantic Copper awards 15 international scholarships to students from La Onubense | Huelva24

The Atlantic Copper Foundation and the University of Huelva have delivered the 15 helps for the 2021-2022 academic year within the International Scholarship Program for students of the University of Huelva. In total, they have been 27 applications submitted in this twelfth call, an unprecedented record, of which twelve have been discarded for not complying … Read more

Education formalizes the transfer of competences of the Rosario Pérez de la Vall school

The Vall d’Uixó City Council can now start the procedures for the tender for the school’s execution project. MÒNICA MIRA With some delay with respect to the commitment acquired with the mayor of the Uixó Valley, Tania Baños, the Ministry of Education has already formalized the transfer of powers to be able to start the … Read more

Gifted child graduates from college at 11 as a physicist: completed studies in 9 months | Society

The “child prodigy” Laurent Simons (11) he has successfully completed his physics studies at the Belgian University of Antwerp. “With the highest distinction”, as his father Alexander Simons told the dpa in Amsterdam this Monday (05.07.2021). The young Belgian-Dutch it took just over a year to complete the workload, which normally takes three years. “It’s … Read more

Science, Education and Diversity – Institute of Education and Pedagogy

The group conducts research on the relationship between science, history and philosophy of science with the teaching of science, in the field of science, for this it carries out research projects in the areas of physics, chemistry, mathematics and environmental education. It also articulates research in science didactics in ethnography activities with elementary and secondary … Read more

Future of Central American higher education, protagonist in the CSUCA Congress

One of the results is the creation of a new regional communication system University authorities of the region, among other representatives of higher education institutions, participated in the various activities carried out during the Congress. Photography: CSUCA. A discussion and articulation space of universities in the Central American region was what was experienced in the … Read more

On July 3 the cycle of concerts ‘La Cultura Heavy Es Segura’ with the group Lépoka closes – Burgos News | – Burgos Digital Newspaper | 01/07/2021 – 18: 40h. Under the title “Heavy Culture is safe”, this cycle of concerts that began on April 17 with the performance of José Rubio and Robert Beade has been taking place in the Cajacírculo Foundation’s Auditorium in C / Concepción. The idea was to promote this type of music and its … Read more

Putting Your Mid-Year Premium to Good Use

Putting Your Mid-Year Premium to Good Use The premium is money that the employee receives twice a year: before June 30 and in the first 20 days of December. The arrival of this additional money is an economic relief for many, however, these payments are often used as extra income and not as part of … Read more

Education completes the first step to close Colegio San Francisco

miguel herreros The BOR publishes the resolution that abolishes the Early Childhood Education cycle that was taught in the center after agreeing with the families to transfer the eleven students affected by the decision to other educational centers in the area The Official Gazette of La Rioja has published this Monday the confirmation of the … Read more