Comfort zone instead of climate rescue – Johannes Strate on climate-friendly concerts & more en Bye Bye CO₂ – the LichtBlick climate pod en mp3 (19/10 a las 03:06:06) 41:38 76976002

Music can be a medium to draw attention to grievances such as the climate crisis and at the same time to distract from them. According to Johannes Starte, sharing this music with people on tour should be climate-neutral. Johannes is the singer of the band Revolverheld, who shows what approaches to a climate-friendly tour can … Read more

Climate update with Bernd Fuchs: How does Germany achieve climate neutrality?

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Volcanoes acted as a safety valve for the climate

Francisco Martin Leon 5 hours ago 6 min Volcanoes are like long-term climate safety valves. Image from NASA The researchers, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Sydney, the Australian National University (ANU), the University of Ottawa and the University of Leeds, explored the combined impact of processes on solid Earth, oceans and the … Read more

Bill Gates wants to solve climate catastrophe

Kraftwerk Electricity generation plays a key role for Bill Gates. (Photo: dpa) It is an image that is imprinted. The atmosphere of the earth is like a bathtub with a closed drain, writes Bill Gates. Every molecule of CO2 emitted is a droplet of water that will help make the tub overflow one day. “This … Read more

Climate change: How global warming is costing millions of lives – knowledge

It should come as no surprise that climate change is threatening human health. Prolonged heat waves are particularly fatal; in the past 20 years the number of people over 65 who died as a result of extreme heat has doubled worldwide. And with the unchecked rise in temperature, the risks continue to increase. The medical … Read more

A rear occupant alert to prevent children from being forgotten on board

Ford has developed a rear occupant alert technology which prevents children (or animals) from being left on board vehicles in the event of a heat wave. Whether it’s camping weekends, day trips to the beach, or trips to the countryside, the vacation boom near her home has seen many of us take back their cars … Read more

Fact check: how much responsibility does China have for climate change? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

“China is the greatest destroyer of the planet”, “China is the worst country when it comes to pollution”, “China is to blame” – these are sentences that keep coming up in debates on climate change on social networks. But what role does China actually play? Since 2008, China has been in first place ahead of … Read more

Industry pays more than it has for a decade

Düsseldorf The confidence of the German economy after a year and a half of the pandemic is clouded by one major concern: the price of electricity is rising and rising. On the futures market of the EEX energy exchange, one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity to be delivered in the coming year costs just under … Read more

US manufacturer brings Mach 1 back

Ford is reflecting on the roots of the Mustang: While the model is just coming to the charging stations as Mach-E, the US manufacturer is now bringing the sports car back as Mach 1 from the 1970s. The Ford Mustang flexes its muscles again. The US automaker is now also offering the model under the … Read more