“Our school must evolve on strong and intrinsic values ​​… We must draw the consequences of the 1st wave for …”

Having an efficient education system that complies with the rules, norms and values ​​that we have always known remain the concerns of education stakeholders, particularly those of civil society. It is indeed the executive director of the coalition of synergies for the defense of education who will take stock of this project, which has been … Read more

The King of couscous in France gives us his recipe

– You have just won a gastronomic prize coveted by the Cordons Bleues of France, that of the best couscous in France. What makes chef Hamid Miss’s couscous different? – I am going to use the words of the jury, of the television program “Très Très Bon” broadcast on Paris Première, which awarded me this … Read more