▷ The magic of stories brings history to life / The playbook as …

30.11.2021 – 14:13 Science Digital Didactics GmbH Bad Rothenfelde / Potdsam (ots) Fascinated, the children click their way through history at the small in-house trade fair in Bad Rothenfelde near Osnabrück and do not even notice that they are currently going through the curriculum for grades 5 to 6. While the adults are at other … Read more

Try to win the first Special Edition Dogs & Cats from Madame Figaro

The editorial staff of Madame Figaro has imagined a special issue devoted to pets, these beings who have never been so important in our lives. Discover 100 pages full of advice and practical information to make your pet happy. Learn to understand them, take care of them, make their lives (and ours) easier while traveling, … Read more

“Ivan Chai” asked the Prosecutor General to ban Instasamka concerts in Russia

“Ivan Chai” appealed to the Prosecutor General with a request to ban Instasamka concerts on the territory of the Russian Federation. The reason is the promotion of prostitution in the blogger’s compositions. The Center for the Protection of Traditional Family Values ​​reports that Instasamka, through its songs, is engaged in the corruption of children. Elina … Read more

Madame Figaro’s first special edition “Dogs & Cats”: advice and practical information to make your pet happy

They have never been so important in our lives. To better understand, care for our felines and canines, make their lives (and ours) easier while traveling, give them suitable food, and many other tips, this first special issue Dogs & Cats is the essential bible. One in two French people is lucky enough to have … Read more

City park in Herbolzheim closed to dogs – SWR news

In the city park in Herbolzheim, playing children regularly step into dog poo. Now the city has issued a dog ban for the site from January 2022. The large meadow in the city park in Herbolzheim (Emmendingen district) is ideal for walking. Here dog owners can also play Frisbee and romp around with their darlings. … Read more

How dogs communicate with people depends on their experience

Written by Silke Menne. 24. November 2021 Dogs use looks to communicate with people. When they have a lot of contact with people, they often do so. If they have little contact, only rarely. Dogs have perfected one thing above all in their coexistence with humans: the famous dog gaze. Our four-legged friends look at … Read more

Pediatricians warn of renewed school closings

school closings Pediatricians warn of renewed school closings. Photo: Annette Riedl / dpa (Photo: dpa) “I urgently advocate keeping the school running throughout the fourth wave,” said the President of the German Society for Child and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ), Jörg Dötsch, of the “Rheinische Post”. He referred to studies that show that children and adolescents … Read more

Education – Meerbusch – “Friendship and Cohesion”: Registration for reading day – Education

Home education education November 19, 2021, 2:47 a.m. Education – Meerbusch:“Friendship and togetherness”: Registrations for reading day Directly from the dpa news channel Meerbusch / Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) – Swim with Arielle between fish with Peppa Pig master everyday life or see the world through the eyes of the little prince: while reading, the … Read more

The classic is also for the little ones!

Baby concert or educational concert for older children, a Parisian program that spans the entire school year to introduce the classic from an early age. Too stilted, not very accessible to a young audience, such are the prejudices that one can have on classical music concerts. However, shows are specially designed to make people love … Read more