The PSOE saves the animal welfare law in the Senate with new changes

The PSOE has saved by the minimum the projects of animal welfare law and the reform of the crime of animal abuse in the Penal Code in the plenary session of the Senate, which has rejected a total of six vetoes but has introduced changesvia amendment, to both texts, so both will now return to … Read more

about changes in the education system of Russia » News of the city of Shakhty

The modern education system in Russia is waiting for serious changes. Schools plan to ban taking photos and videos. A similar law is being worked out in the profile committee of the State Duma on education. As the head of the committee, Olga Kazakova, said, students will be allowed to film the teacher only if … Read more

Education reform announced by the president: what will change

What is the Bologna system Under the Bologna system or process, it is customary to understand the decision to create a European single, unified space for higher education. This decision was confirmed by the signing in 1999 of a corresponding declaration by 29 ministers of education in Bologna. The concept is to receive education according … Read more

Coaches of sports schools will receive the status of educators by the decision of Evgeny Kuyvashev: Society: Oblgazeta

Coaches of Sverdlovsk sports schools will receive social guarantees that apply to teachers. Photo: Pavel Vorozhtsov From 2023, coaches of sports schools in the Sverdlovsk region will receive the status of teachers. Changes to the regional law on education were signed by the head of the region Yevgeny Kuyvashev. Along with the new status, coaches … Read more

without changes there is no future

State capacities are often seen from the perspective of public needs, so the actors with the greatest capacity to influence end up altering relevance and urgency, and therefore the public resources to respond to these proposals. Another way of contemplating public capacities is in relation to the responsibilities assumed by the States, be it in … Read more

The head of the UN called for action in five areas to change the education system

UN Secretary-General António Guterres today called for action on five fronts to change the education system, Xinhua reports. He underlined the need for universal protection of the rights to quality education for all, especially for girls. “Schools must be open to everyone, without any discrimination. We must make up for the years of education lost … Read more