“Join the Local Exchange System (Salt) of Pays de Dinan: Where Bartering is the New Currency”

The Local Exchange System (Salt) of the Pays de Dinan (Côtes-d’Armor) organizes five exchanges in the year, where members come to exchange flowers, vegetables, fruits, dishes, decorative objects, books, clothes, etc. . “It’s the equivalent of a garage sale, but without money, recalls the president, Raymond Gouya. We welcome people with a hot drink, we … Read more

Scientific tests come across that food marketed to small children has lower nutritional value

Small children are intensely exposed to foodstuff adverts by television, internet sites, apps, social media, and in venues these as sporting activities online games, motion picture theaters and recreation centers. Publicity to foods advertisements aimed at driving consumption and developing model loyalty will increase as little ones mature and invest much more time on screens. … Read more