“This is the poorest sport.” Saber fencer Harlan told how she spent the prize money for gold in Beijing and how she makes money now

According to Harlan, the prize money for the gold was divided among all the members of the Ukrainian national team, and as a result she got about $ 75 thousand. “Maybe more. But life has changed. I invested in a better life for the family. Because we lived in a small apartment in Nikolaev, my … Read more

Concert organizers shared information about the earnings of Russian stars for the New Year

Moscow, December 2. Concert directors told how much Russian celebrities earn at New Year’s corporate parties. The organizers of the performances have listed the names of the artists who are most in demand for the New Year. According to the concert director Tabriz Shahidi, the most popular before the holiday are Leonid Agutin, Svetlana Loboda, … Read more

Jon Bon Jovi cancels the concert

RTL>feeds> 01. November 2021 – 10:12 clock Performance in Florida is canceled Jon Bon Jovi (59) tested positive for the corona virus on Saturday before a performance. That’s what CNN reports. The planned concert in Florida was then canceled. The 59-year-old is “fully vaccinated and feels good,” confirmed his spokeswoman Kristen Foster on Sunday morning … Read more

Adele announces concerts in Hyde Park: The fans are angry

Many are disappointed because they were unable to pre-register for tickets, despite having previously been promised that they would be “the first to buy tickets” after the singer went on tour in 2017, including a Wembley gig, because of a “vocal cord injury “had canceled. “Why don’t people with canceled tickets get priority as promised?” … Read more

Beloved Chihuahua Monte was run over

The princess takes a touching farewell on her Instagram page. “My little angel died last night, she was run over,” are her first lines. She does not reveal what exactly happened at this point, but she concludes: “I will miss you so much, rest in peace.” She also shares a snapshot in which she gives … Read more

“The fishermen say that when he became president, they stopped going there. You can’t go there.” Pikalov told how his former neighbor Petro Poroshenko lives

“I am a neighbor of Pyotr Alekseevich two streets away. I was not his guest – you can see everything there. Fishermen go there and say that when he became president, they stopped going there. house, in winter they sat in these glass glasses without heating, “Pikalov said. He noted that after the divorce, he … Read more

How do I get enough vitamin D now? Expert clarifies

October 25, 2021 – 2:35 pm clock The “sun vitamin” can do that Vitamin D is important for the bones and the immune system, and not just in winter. Nevertheless, 50 percent of Germans are affected by a vitamin D deficiency. Due to the corona pandemic and the associated changed lifestyle of the people – … Read more

Listen – “Chipsis and Dullais” with the song “Sorting time” invites to think about environmental sustainability

“The time of divorce” makes one think about how environmentally friendly we are in our habits on a daily basis. In fact, it can also be compared to human relationships. Although the word “divorce” is most often associated with negativity and loss, it is not always the case. “Separation, just like sorting, is a must. … Read more

LIVE TEXT: Riga’s “Dinamo” in Helsinki will try to return to the path of success against the strong “Jokerit”

Riga “Dinamo” in Helsinki against the strong “Jokerit” will try to return to the path of success VIDEO: “Jokerit” eighth gate 18:26 Game statistics 18:26 “Jokers” – “Dynamo” 8: 0 (3: 0, 4: 0, 1: 0) Metieni 66-31. throws in the goal frame 31-20, throws 37-14, blocked throws 3-19, force techniques 8-16, penalty minutes 12-8. … Read more