David Bisbal will resume tour in the United States

David Bisbal will resume tour in the United States | People in spanish Skip to content Top Navigation Discover People in Spanish View image David Bisbal already has a date to resume his US tour and reveals why he will suffer on it this link is to an external site that may or may not … Read more

PHOTO: Reirs, Staķis and others take part in the Big Cleanup “inclusion” event

The motto of this year’s Big Cleanup is “For a green Latvia – each separately, but all together” to emphasize once again that each of us can contribute to Latvia becoming the greenest and cleanest country in the world. Today, the Minister of Finance Jānis Reirs (V), the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development … Read more

Flawless Image, What’s Wrong with Nicholas Saputra?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – It’s been 19 years since Nicholas Saputra debut as an actor through film What’s with love? Through a cold and idealistic character named Rangga, he became widely known by film lovers or those who like entertainment. At that time Nicholas was flooded with praise, especially from the fair sex, for having … Read more

Listen – “Very Cool People” dedicates a song to renegades of Latvian music history

The new single is based on the aesthetics of vocal-instrumental music of Latvia in the seventies, enriching it with jazz harmony and choir music highly valued in Latvia. This time, a text that is easy to understand for all the peoples of the world has been chosen: “Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba / ba, ba, … Read more

Britain is looking at creating its own digital currency

The British central bank and the Treasury said on Monday they would work together to assess the benefits of the central bank’s digital currency at a time when cash payments are in decline, partly due to the coronavirus pandemic. The bank explains that the new currency, if approved, would be new digital money to be … Read more

Jolanta Gulbe-Pashkevich leaves the show “Voice in the Mask”; Don is also exposed

The brightest performance of the evening was detected by the detectives of Zebra’s hit LMFAO hit “Shots”, while the last performance in the show was experienced by Taurenis, and under it the mask of jazz singer Jolanta Gulbe-Paškevičs. Also tonight for the first time a new mask was unveiled – Evening Star, who was a … Read more

The real concert in which Luis Miguel damaged his hearing for life

It was in 2015 when the interpreter of ‘Decídete’ accepted that he has this disease. “It is a complicated situation, but you have to think that I started at the age of 9 with this career, with music, concerts, decibels… So are more than 30 years exposed to very loud sounds. I had to go … Read more

Alejandra Guzmán: Frida Sofía’s shocking story in response to her mother’s video in defense of her grandfather Enrique Guzmán | Silvia Pinal | Instagram Mexico | Celebs | nnda | nnni | PEOPLE

Calm does not seem to reach the Guzmán Pinal family. A new chapter begins with a shocking and crude story by Frida Sofía, who was not silent after the video of her mother, the singer Alejandra Guzman, where he asks to talk and also defends Enrique Guzmán, who was accused by the young woman of … Read more

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds and other former celebrity couples who show that love for …

Celebrities By: Laura Rodrigáñez Updated: 16-04-2021 10:53 hours View gallery From love to hate there is a step, a very common saying that does not have to be true in all cases, although we have found a few examples among celebrities. From Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds to the notorious Brangelina case (Brad Pitt and … Read more

A heartbreaking rule that Queen Elizabeth will have to follow at her husband’s funeral

The laws passed by the government during a pandemic must also be followed by the royal family in the event of mourning. They stipulate that people who are not from the same household must keep a distance of at least two meters, unless they are in a so-called “support bubble”. Elizabeth II’s wife, Duke Philip … Read more