Animals – dog attacks cat, owner slips – damages – knowledge

Frankfurt/Munich (dpa/tmn) – If animals fight and one of the owners is injured, the owner of the attacking animal is liable. Even if the circumstances are unfortunate. This was decided by the higher regional court in Frankfurt am Main in a judgment (Az.: 4 U 249/21), to which the General German Automobile Club (ADAC) refers. … Read more

Animals – cheap cat food among the test winners – knowledge

Frankfurt/Main (dpa/tmn) – Very good wet food for cats is available from as little as 1.30 euros per day. This is the result of a study by “Öko-Test” (issue 3/23). 15 conventional and six organic wet foods for adult cats were tested. All were sold as complete feed. All diets tested were “very good”, “good” … Read more

[RIHGA Royal Hotel (Osaka)]Royal Cultural Lecture “Listen to this person” Lecture by Mitsuaki Iwago ~Iwago’s World Lions, Whales, Cats, Dogs and Humans~

Mr. Iwago continues to photograph wild animals and nature in all regions of the world. Through photographs and videos, he communicates what it means to live in the wild and the impact of changes in the global environment. He will talk about his feelings and learnings about the animals he met with valuable photographs. Mitsuaki … Read more

Then rather a plush animal, ARAG SE, press release

After the Corona period caused a veritable flood of animals in German households, Christmas is also a regular booster for keeping pets. Animal playmates are at the top of many wish lists, especially for children. But the joy of the living gift is sometimes over quickly. Because a pet means long-term responsibility and also work. … Read more

Photos: Artist’s virtuosity draws ultra-realistic big cats | Felines | Lions | Tigers

[The Epoch Times, December 30, 2022](Reported by English Epoch Times reporter Anna Mason/Compiled by Zhang Yufei) A British artist likes to create big cats on huge canvases that are bigger than the original animals. Realistic drawing skills draw majestic beasts so realistically that you feel these living creatures are right in front of you. Julie … Read more

U.S. Legislates to Ban Private Ownership of Big Cats

Original title: US legislation bans private ownership of big cats Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 21. US President Joseph Biden signed the “Big Cats Public Safety Act” on the 20th, prohibiting private breeding of “big cats” such as tigers, lions, cheetahs, and jaguars. According to the “Big Cat Public Safety Act”, only zoos, sanctuaries, universities … Read more

Animal of the week from Hilden: cat lady Roberta

Sequentially. Roberta was found in a hallway with Robert. The animal rights activists quickly realized that Roberta found the tomcat and other cats intolerable. The very self-confident cat lady takes people and their caresses to her heart all the more. But please only if and when she wants it. And that includes the always well-stocked … Read more

The southern border is about to collapse Tough NY no one helps | Tough NY on the southern border | Food stamps stolen | Building height limits | No retail dogs, cats, rabbits |

[Voice of Hope December 17, 2022](Comprehensive report by our reporter Lin Qing)Hello listeners! Today is December 17th, Saturday, welcome to listen to the whole news of the Voice of New York. 1. The southern border of the United States is about to collapse, and the difficult New York has no help 2. New York Senator … Read more