The second collaboration event between Tobu Zoo and “Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE” will be held … May 29-August 29 | Web media “REANIMAL” that conveys the reality of animals

Alma Bianca, which operates Tobu Zoo (Minamisaitama-gun, Saitama Prefecture) and “AMNIBUS”, which sells original manga and anime goods, has been working with “Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE” from May 29th to August 29th. A collaboration event “Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE x Tobu Zoo vol.2” will be held. During the event period, there will be illustrations drawn … Read more

Avanza ‘killer’ is getting crazy, this car is the best-selling car again in RI

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Relaxation of Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) for vehicles roda four proved to be able to mendsales costs mcar in last March. GAIKINDO wipehurricane total retail sales mthe total number of goods in March reached 77,511 units, an increase of 39.4% (mif) compared to February. When compared with volume sales … Read more

Gatibu, Talco and La Excavadora will premiere the concert program at the Iradier Arena in May

The multipurpose space Iradier Arena, temporarily converted into Kultura bizia gunea, will host at least three concerts in May after the events planned for San Prudencio. Italian ska training talcum powder, the gernikarras captive and the Alava The Excavator will star in these first shows accompanied by Crim y The Potes. The Asociation Living Culture, … Read more

Science and technology: 1MORE Stylish fashion true wireless headset Astronaut Edition enjoys Wu Qingfeng’s exclusive pet

Time: 2021-04-11 21:38:37 <!– 编辑: –> source: [ZhaiSecretEvaluationAt9amonOctober152003China’sfirstmannedspacecraftShenzhouVwaslaunchedfromtheJiuquanSatelliteLaunchCentersendingastronautYangLiweiandaChineseflagwithaspecialsignificanceintospaceFromGagarintoArmstrongtoYangLiweidifferentastronautsfromdifferentcountriesareworkinghardtoexplorespaceTogetherwithcountlessastronautstheyhavebecomeastronautsinpeople’sminds “When I grow up, I will be an astronaut. Grandpa and grandma are happy, and give me jelly that I love.” Even now, this well-known advertisement will still appear in the advertising time of various David TVs. Becoming a “spaceman” was also a childhood dream of many … Read more

How far can the 10x zoom be used?Challenge wild bird photography with animal pupil recognition of Canon “RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM” and “EOS R5”

■ Serialization / Asagaya Lens Research Institute of Gon Kawano Is 10x zoom really usable? I like wide-angle lenses. I was dissatisfied with the 28-300mm high-power zoom lens. Why is the wide-angle side 28mm? It is 24-240mm that solves such dissatisfaction. The telephoto side was slightly shaved, but the wide-angle side was serviced by that … Read more

Look for a 7 Seater Family Car for Under Rp. 100 Million, Can Get Innova Pages all

JAKARTA, – Currently, vehicles in the MPV segment are among the most sought after by automotive consumers. This is because MPV cars can carry up to seven passengers. It is not surprising that until now several automotive manufacturers have intensified their products in the MPV segment. One of the used car businessmen at WTC … Read more

La Jornada – Bitter debut of ‘Marigol’ as coach of the U-20 team

Mexico City. Maribel Domínguez had a bitter debut as a coach for the Mexican U-20 women’s team, as her team lost 1-0 to her counterpart from Brazil in a friendly match held yesterday at the High Performance Center (CAR) of the Mexican Soccer Federation. . Set green love took the lead in the 48th minute … Read more

“I heard a huge noise…”.

Posted on Friday, April 9, 2021 at 07:18 a.m. Two people, including a child, were killed in a traffic accident following a collision between a car and a truck on the E17. A dramatic road accident claimed the lives of two people at the start of the night on the E17 near Temse. For reasons … Read more