A Louane concert canceled in the Paris region

MUSIQUE The northern singer Louane had to cancel her concert in Antony scheduled for Friday. The day before, the stage had still not been set up… Posted on 06/26/2022 at 08:29 C.Br Too many careless people who haven’t been vaccinated …Read more Last minute cancellation. The northern singer Louane was to give, this Friday evening, … Read more

350 firefighter interventions, a dead woman, concerts canceled

The toll is heavy after the violent storms which crossed the Seine-Maritime and the Eure on Saturday June 4, 2022. A woman died in Rouen, the firefighters carried out nearly 350 interventions in the evening. In all, 65 departments were on alert in France. Violent thunderstorms crossed France on Saturday June 4, 2022, claiming a … Read more

DDT canceled concerts in Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk – Kommersant Chelyabinsk

In Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk canceled the concerts of the rock band DDT on May 13 and 15. Information about this “Kommersant-South Ural” was confirmed at the City entertainment box office. They said that the performances are postponed to February 2023. The DDT concert at the Traktor Ice Arena in Chelyabinsk has been repeatedly postponed. The … Read more

In Russia, the concerts of “Time Machine” were canceled after the statements of Makarevich

In his social networks, Makarevich noted that the first bans on Time Machine concerts were in the late seventies. He said that now their concerts are being canceled again, and expressed regret to the fans of the band. Later, the group’s press secretary Anton Chernin clarified that four out of six concerts have been canceled … Read more

Comedian Nurlan Saburov’s concert canceled in Chicago after bad joke

During the concert, a Ukrainian woman in a white dress with “bloodstains” rose on stage to Saburov. While the guards were trying to catch her and take her out of the hall, the comedian joked that the girl was just having critical days. The joke was not appreciated by the authorities of Chicago, where Nurlan’s … Read more

Orbakaite cancellation of concerts in Israel provoked rumors of a quarrel with Pugacheva

Kristina Orbakaite canceled concerts in Israel, where Alla Pugacheva is now with her husband Maxim Galkin and children, thereby provoking rumors of a quarrel with her mother. Fans assumed that the performer of the hit “Drunken Cherry” would go on tour to this country to see relatives. Kristina Orbakaite informed fans on social networks about … Read more

Lena Meyer-Landrut cancels concert in Düsseldorf

April 4, 2022 at 12:13 p.m Out of “responsibility” towards their fans : Lena Meyer-Landrut cancels concert in Düsseldorf Lena Meyer-Landrut has canceled her tour. Photo: dpa / Britta Pedersen Düsseldorf At the beginning of June, singer Lena Meyer-Landrut wanted to perform in Düsseldorf on her tour. But it has now been canceled – like … Read more

Residents of Yekaterinburg cannot return money for the concert of Max Barsky

Yekaterinburg residents complain that they cannot return money for tickets to a concert by Ukrainian singer Max Barsky, who canceled all performances in Russia. The concert of Max Barskikh was to be held on April 16 at Ekaterinburg-EXPO. However, on March 11, the singer canceled all concerts and banned the use of his songs in … Read more

The musicians lowered their voice – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Russian artists, one by one, postpone the next concerts for an indefinite period. Recently, Boris Grebenshchikov announced on Twitter that the performances of Aquarium have been canceled until better times. Earlier, other rock bands also announced the postponement of concerts. At the same time, musicians risk losing streaming listening revenue. This is due to the … Read more

Singer Max Barskikh refused to return money to Russians for canceled concerts

Max Barskikh stated in his blog that he would not return money for canceled concerts in Russia. The artist decided to send these funds to “charitable purposes.” According to Sekret Firmy, ticket offices report that “the organizer did not provide funds for a refund.” The singer spoke angrily about Russia, noting that his feet would … Read more