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Bunka Gakuen University Suginami Junior and Senior High School (Suginami-ku, Tokyo), which is a pioneer of the “Double Diploma (DD) Course”, has many graduates of this course, and has many graduates from overseas universities and domestic languages ​​and international universities and faculties. I sent it to. These achievements have been well received, and the junior … Read more

USA, Canada, France – which governments provide scholarships to international students

Today there are many opportunities for free study abroad. In addition to programs from private foundations and grants from universities themselves, there are government scholarships in many countries of the world. These are programs funded by the government with the aim of attracting talented foreign students to the country. We have collected several government scholarships … Read more

Hockey: the Red Lions ruthless in friendly against Canada (8-1)

The Belgians did not do in detail this Wednesday, against the Canadians. LThe Red Lions, the men’s national hockey team, won 8-1 (halftime: 2-1) over Canada in a friendly against the 10th nation in the world on Wednesday behind closed doors at Wilrijkseplein , in Antwerp. Still in the Metrople and in preparation for the … Read more

Georgia governor vows a fight after MLB yanks All-Star Game

News of Major League Baseball’s decision to pull this summer’s All-Star Game from Georgia over its sweeping new voting law reverberated among fans Saturday, while Gov. Brian Kemp vowed to defend the measure, saying “free and fair elections” are worth any threats, boycotts or lawsuits. The Republican governor said at a news conference that MLB … Read more

Toronto Raptors beat Golden State Warriors in 53 point loss, reaction, stats

Toronto Raptors have handed Golden State Warriors the heaviest defeat of the NBA season, destroying the 2018 champions 130-77 in a scarcely believable, 53-point rout. Toronto once led by as many as 61 points and had double the Warriors points tally in the fourth quarter before the side trimmed the deficit— and avoided the indignity … Read more

Tom Brady vows to bring back the Montreal Expos on April Fool’s Day

Football legend Tom Brady is going to singlehandedly will the Montreal Expos back into existence — or so he said on April Fool’s Day. The seven-time Super Bowl champ announced on Thursday that he’ll be reviving “Nos Amours” next year as the first-ever player/coach/owner in Major League Baseball’s history. Read more: Georges St-Pierre on ‘Falcon … Read more