“A street dog can be as good as any other”

The technologist María Merino poses with the ‘dogtor’ Rommel outside the Valdecilla Hospital. / alberto aja Mary Merino | Rommel The technologist María Merino and her dog Rommel have a formidable curriculum vitae between them. With a degree in Environmental Sciences and a master’s degree in Integrated Management of Coastal Zones, she works in a … Read more

“Animal abuse is punishable and can be reported at police stations”

“We are facing or relating to a being who shares certain characteristics with us and deserves respect and containment, precisely for sharing them and also because we are the ones who have put them in the situation they find themselves in,” said the lawyer. Jorge Blasettion the importance of animal care. In turn, he recalled … Read more

The concert “Soz ben saz” took place in the village of Beineu

Photo provided by the CSC of the Mangystau region In the villages of Sarga, Turysh and Akzhigit of the Beineu district, concerts “Soz ben saz” were held, the Center for Public Communications reports with reference to the press service of the district akimat. As noted, the event was aimed at reviving the works of local … Read more

Ceuta Now! ask for fewer cars and concerts on the Walls and that they can be crossed with dogs or balls – In community – Ceuta al Día

Ceuta Now! asks the local government to begin studies for the drafting of a new ordinance for the use of the monumental complex of the Royal Walls. A text that in the opinion of localists has become “obsolete” and that after all these years has shown its “poor compliance” and service “for what should be … Read more

“Children and animals are scared and my parrot Flip, panicked, died of it!”

Published on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 7:40 p.m. The MUG helicopter saves lives, but it also seems to prevent residents of Bruges from sleeping. The problem for local residents is not so much the helicopter itself, since it is used and necessary for people’s survival. But it is above all the noise pollution resulting … Read more

Education wins the battle for the precautionary measure to CCOO

Updated Wednesday, June 8, 2022 – 01:37 The Superior Court reactivates the decree that hardens the criteria to pass the course Ayuso, yesterday in Legans, at the presentation of the 2022 fire plan.CAM Education Justice stops Ayuso’s attempt to toughen in Madrid the requirement to pass the course and achieve the title in ESO and … Read more

The 4th edition of #sigueadelante is open, promoting female entrepreneurship | Entrepreneurs

Until June 30th. That is the deadline to proceed with the submission of applications to access the #SigueAdelante scholarships, promoted by P&G and Womenalia. The scholarships that promote female entrepreneurship are valued at more than 3,000 euros. The amount of the scholarship will be distributed as follows. An economic contribution of 1,000 euros will be … Read more

A festive concert was held in the Alexander Garden » STRC Vyatka

It was possible to plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday today on the streets, in parks and squares. Exhibitions and concerts were held throughout the city. Poems, songs, dances and sometimes welling tears. A festive concert was held in the Alexander Garden. Young artists performed in it, including participants in the All-Russian telethon of … Read more

Ural Airlines launch daily flight from Yekaterinburg to Khabarovsk from May 20

From May 20, it will be possible to fly from Yekaterinburg to Khabarovsk daily (except May 23 and 30). This was reported in the telegram channel of the airline “Ural Airlines”. “There are subsidies for pensioners, students, large families and people with disabilities – 6,200 rubles one way. Children from 2 to 12 years old … Read more

“We cannot talk about human health without valuing animal health”

Julián Somalo, president of the La Rioja veterinarians. / F. D. Julian Somalo | President College of Veterinarians of La Rioja Thursday, April 7, 2022, 02:00 The president of the College of Veterinarians of La Rioja, Julián Somalo, analyzes –on Health Day– the link between human and animal health. “We cannot talk about human health … Read more