EMD 09 14 21 State of Maryland lists the tragedy of an undocumented family as an exceptional humanitarian case

TITLE: State of Maryland lists the tragedy of an undocumented family as an exceptional humanitarian case DATE: Wednesday, September 8 SCRIPT EDITOR: Luis Alonso REGION OF INTEREST: UNITED STATES The drama that a fire created for an undocumented Salvadoran family has been listed as an exceptional humanitarian case by the Maryland state government, which will … Read more

On-site visit in Manching: Here you can see how the Airbus air taxi does in the air

Plus It’s not as loud as a helicopter, but the CityAirbus isn’t quiet either. The demonstrator was tested in Manching. We were there with the camera. Of Manuel Andre and Stefan Küpper It is 10.49 a.m. when the CityAirbus takes off. It is 600 meters from here, a small hill in the Feilenmoos Manching, on … Read more

Eckernförde dog photographer lets you look over his shoulder

Photo shoot at the Eckernförde dog beach. Stefanie Cayé brought Rocco, a little bulldog, with her. So far, she has only taken photos of her dog with her cell phone. Snapshots for the Internet or as a Christmas surprise for the family. “There is still room for improvement,” admits the dog owner. She wishes to … Read more

83 fawns and 16 brown hares rescued in Radevormwald

June 28, 2021 at 4:45 p.m. Animals in need in Radevormwald : 83 fawns and 16 brown hares rescued Mayor Johannes Mans and hunter Wilfried Loh follow the thermal imaging camera on a second screen. Photo: Flora Driver Radevormwald Towns, farmers, hunters and conservationists want to save fawns from certain death by mowing – with … Read more

[Test]$78 monthly fee 3HK 21Mbps Plan Free upgrade to 5G unlimited speed-ezone.hk-Technology Focus-5G Mobile

3HK upgrades to 5G for free, even if you use a low-priced Plan of HK$78 monthly fee, all users will be benefited! The HK$78 / 5GB monthly plan that ezone.hk reporters are using originally used the 3HK 4G network with a speed limit of up to 21Mbps, but received an SMS notification last month to … Read more

Always seems to be in the public spotlight, Atta Halilintar admits he only appears two hours in front of the camera per day

PR TASIKMALAYA – The pair of YouTubers Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah has always been a public concern. Moreover, Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah seem to open up by always appearing in front of the camera and sharing their stories. However, according to Atta Halilintar, actually they only spend two hours per day in front … Read more

Processing raw data with DxO PureRaw – digitalkamera.de

Rubric: Image processing 2021-05-16 In mid-April 2021, the French software manufacturer DxO presented the PureRaw software. PureRaw enables Lightroom and Photoshop users to use the powerful tools in DxOs PhotoLab 4 without having to dive into the workflow of additional software. In this photo tip we show you how easy it is and what you … Read more