BYD’s net profit plummeted by nearly 30%, shareholders are arguing | New Energy Vehicles | Vanke | Commodities

[EpochTimesAugust292021]On the evening of August 28, BYD, a new energy vehicle track stock company, disclosed its first-half financial report. Net profit fell by nearly 30% year-on-year, and investors were furious again. BYD released its financial report for the first half of 2021, showing that it achieved operating income of 90.885 billion yuan (RMB, the same … Read more

The source responded to “Han EV crashed and caught fire”: The coolant of the mass-produced model is not conductive and has nothing to do with the color-BYD, BYD Han-Kuai Technology (Media of Drivehome)-Technology changes the future

The source responded that “Han EV caught fire after being collided”: The coolant of the production version of the model is not conductive and has nothing to do with the color Recently, the automobile media platform “Understanding the Car” released a collision test video of the BYD Han EV and BAIC Polar Fox Alpha S … Read more

BYD Advertising Door Ends: “Double-sided Li Ghost” Li Juan Was Sentenced For 14 Years And Many Advertising Companies Are On The Verge Of Bankruptcy_ 东方

Original Title: BYD Advertising Door End of the Play: “Double-sided Li Ghost” Li Juan was sentenced to 14 years, and many advertising companies are on the verge of bankruptcy On the eve of May 1st this year, an execution ruling will be almost forgotten”BYDThe “Advertising Gate” incident once again brought back the public’s attention. “This … Read more

Car company named strange appearance: BYD Dynasty Great Wall Zoo Wuling Fruit Platter_New Car

Original title: Car company name strange appearance: BYD Dynasty Great Wall Zoo Wuling fruit platter There are more and more new brands and new models of automobiles, and naming has become the “old difficulty” for auto companies. The traditional way of naming not only has a high rate of repeated names, but also has no … Read more

From A-share Hong Kong stocks to Chinese concept stocks, China’s leading high-quality stocks plunged collectively | Maotai | Arowana | BYD

[EpochTimesFebruary192021](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) On the first trading day of the Chinese Year of the Ox, various cores represented by “Mao”, from A-shares to Hong Kong stocks to Chinese stocks Assets took turns to sell off, and only the A-share “Mao” index plate lost more than 650 billion yuan a day. Based … Read more