How to study at the best university in the world without money – Education – Life

If you dream of studying in a prestigious universityBut resources are an impediment to doing so, keep in mind that there are several possibilities that will help you forge your academic path. To the scholarships and other aid is added the occasional ‘lucky fee’. And discipline. A lot of discipline. And it is that precisely … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – A solo concert of the folk group “Kudesy”

news In Smolensk in the cultural and leisure center “Gubernsky” a solo concert of the folk group “Kudesy” took place. It should be noted that this year it was truly a long-awaited event as the previous bands performed online concerts. “We have not communicated with our audience live for a long time, but for us, … Read more

Ticket sales for events returned to pre-pandemic levels

What are the limitations of the events now? In the summer, Rospotrebnadzor issued a decree on how to hold mass events in the regions in a pandemic. The department proposed to take into account the maximum number of their participants, depending on three indicators: the prevalence rate of COVID-19, the rate of increase in the … Read more

Visits and concerts to publicize the organ of San Nicolás

Last march, Frédéric Desmottes I finished installing that great puzzle that makes up the organ of the Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás de Alicante and in which the French began to work in 2019. Shortly after the instrument was finished and installed, it was Juan de la Rubia (Vall de Uxó, 1982), organist of the Basilica … Read more

Luis Salido, the Montillano who goes from giving concerts in bars to singing with Fito on Gran Vía

A music fan since he was little because his father has a group, Luis Salido, from Montilla (Córdoba), is a Business Administration and Management student who “had everything planned” to continue his studies in Turin on Erasmus. But now, he is neither in Turin, nor in Córdoba, and he no longer plays in bars in … Read more

The oldest living animal on Earth is raised in El Palmar

The Department of Climatic Emergency and Ecological Transition has initiated several actions for the preservation of this crustacean in order to recover the populations of this species. The ‘Triops cancriformis’ is a branchiopod crustacean, considered the oldest living animal species on earth. Its life cycle is short and accelerated, because it inhabits large pools of … Read more

Bogotá: What are the neighborhoods where they steal the most? – Bogota

The perception of insecurity in Bogota continues to talk. Robberies in different ways – flecking, ‘tickling’, fraud, rape, among others that criminals devise in order to commit their crimes – have become a daily occurrence, and the authorities seem to be unable to cope with the situation. (It may interest you: La Sabana Metropolitan Police … Read more

“Giving concerts after COVID is scary, but they are all a success, whoever goes”

Born in 1990, Olaya Alcázar has been in music since she was fifteen years old, and, in addition to being a performer, singer and chorus girl in various groups, she has released two solo albums, as well as, recently, singles Your guitar, You wanted to be a prince and it didn’t come out and Here … Read more