Both concerts are sold out and there are no more scheduled dates.

In just three hours, the group sold 90,000 tickets and has already announced that it will not add more recitals at the Liniers stadium. Ticket sales for the two Tan Biónica concerts in Vélez were extraordinary: they were in such great demand that 90,000 tickets were sold out in just three hours. The shows will … Read more

How much does it cost to go on Erasmus to each country? The cheapest and most expensive destinations

University life is made up of several unforgettable experiences. One of them is to get out of Erasmus to study abroad. There are more than 30 countries from which you can choose to go, and this is something to take into account, since beyond the preferences of the students, each of the destinations has a … Read more

The bad news in Education continues, and something else

In what already seems to be a sad classic in Argentina, education returned to give bad news: only 4 out of 10 students finish primary school on time and with at least satisfactory knowledge in Mathematics and Language. This implies that more than half, 57%, enter secondary school without sufficient preparation and with significant deficits … Read more

Rock concerts in support of a small Astrakhan woman will be held in different cities of the country

The famous Russian rock musician Artur Berkut and his group Artur Berkut are holding a series of charity concerts in support of a girl from Astrakhan. On March 9, the band’s full-length electric concert was held in St. Petersburg, at the Zoccolo 2.0 club on Ligovka. April 9 Artur Berkut invites everyone to Astrakhan, to … Read more

Pincky: the moving story of the Chihuahua dog that went viral on social networks

Pinckya small Chihuahua dog residing in the municipality of Compostela (Mexico), has been the protagonist of a moving story that has caused various emotions on social networks. According to a Facebook post from the Veterinaria Animal Center Pet Shop, a few days ago they broke into the house where the owners of Pincky. The little … Read more

RBD in Colombia: When are the dates of your concerts announced? – Music and Books – Culture

So far in 2023 has been full of uncertainty, and at the same time illusion, for the fans of the legendary RBD group, which was derived from the 2004 series ‘Rebelde’. Although this telenovela was based on ‘Rebelde Way’ (an Argentine production), there is no doubt that it was more successful than the original. In … Read more

This is how abandoned hunting dogs survive

A video posted on Twitter (We warn you that they are images of sensitive content) on January 9 shows two scrawny greyhounds. They just got to the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation, whose headquarters in Seville is dedicated to collecting abandoned hunting dogs. The female is terrified. The male is in a state of extreme malnutrition. So … Read more

Jhonny Rivera took the stage with his dog to give a concert – People – Culture

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The creator of the “Turetsky Choir” Mikhail Turetsky reported on the attempts of Ukrainians to disrupt the group’s concerts abroad

Choirmaster and musician Mikhail Turetsky, who expresses his support for the SVO in Ukraine, successfully tours and gives concerts abroad with the Turetsky Choir. But he admitted that difficulties often lie in wait for them. Recently, the musical group made a tour of South America. There, the Russian choir had to face repeated attempts to … Read more