GRUPO IMAN, one of the main personnel selection companies, offers a Human Resources scholarship in Oviedo

Starting your career at GRUPO IMAN is a privilege. If you are training to become a Human Resources professional, you are in the right place. In this article you will find, among others job offers in Asturias, the opportunity to join the staff of GRUPO IMAN, one of the main recruitment companies, with a scholarship. … Read more

Events that will take place in the Leningrad region on May 16 named

Leningraders will be able to attend festivals, concerts, performances and sports competitions. Many events will take place in the Leningrad Region on Sunday, May 16. Sports competitions, festivals and performances will take place in different parts of the region. So, for example, in the Volosovsky district it is planned to hold performances “How the worm … Read more

Expert opinion: cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin factor and their future

In 2020, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, benefited as risk appetite increased and financial markets recovered. From below $ 5,000 in March 2020, the price of Bitcoin in April this year has already exceeded $ 63,000, but has now dropped to just below $ 50,000. In addition to its strong risk appetite, Bitcoin has benefited from growing … Read more

“Everyone has the right to choose their own way to express themselves.” Maria Lyubicheva on the musicians’ petition to the Kremlin

47news understood what independent Russian musicians are demanding from the Presidential Administration. A group of independent musicians, including Kortnev from “Accident”, Pokrovsky from “Nogu Svelo”, Noise MS, Vasya Oblomov, “Pornofilmy” and others, appealed to the Presidential Administration with a petition on May 13: “We demand to stop pressure on musicians!” The authors of the appeal … Read more

As the metro massively fires supporters of Navalny, concerts in the regions are canceled for musicians, and Israel’s cunning move against Hamas

The Ministry of Justice added VTimes to the list of media outlets performing the function of a foreign agent. The publication was created by former employees of the Vedomosti newspaper. The Moscow Metro is massively firing employees who support opposition politician Alexei Navalny, the workers themselves said. The Israeli army continues its aerial attack on … Read more

Yuta Furukawa The Greatest Concert vol.1 -collection of

Yuta Furukawa, who is expanding his field of activity such as dramas and movies, will hold “Yuta Furukawa The Greatest Concert vol.1 -collection of musicals-” in Tokyo and Osaka in the summer of 2021. Furukawa has been performing for 15 years, but this is the first concert called “Musical”. The musical debut was “The Prince … Read more

In the village of Selkhoztehnika, a dog bit a child

A dog bit the hands of a five-year-old girl in the Boksitogorsk district of the Leningrad region, law enforcement officials told 47news. As it became known to 47news, at about three o’clock in the afternoon on May 13, the Boksitogorsk police received a message that a five-year-old girl had been bitten by a dog in … Read more

laVerdi: Reopening Concert | Wednesday 19 – Thursday 20 May

 laVerdi: Reopening Concert | Wednesday 19 – Thursday 20 May – MI-LORENTEGGIO.COM. 15 49.0138 8.38624 arrow 0 none 0 4000 1 0 horizontal 300 0 Last update: 12-05-2021 21:52:25 Updated on: 12-05-2021 21:52:25 Proverb: April aprilone, you will not make me put the fur down This website uses cookies. If you agree and … Read more

Laurin after being fired from the series: FIND IT A NEW SHOP!

The actress had a hard time saying goodbye to the series from the hospital environment. “Yes, that’s right, I really said goodbye to the character of Mera after five beautiful years. Her story came true. I really got along with her and I will remember her as well as working with all the great colleagues. … Read more