Dog in NRW: pee plague! Four-legged friends cause a big problem

Dog in NRW: pee plague! Four-legged friends cause a big problem These are our airports in NRW These are our airports in NRW Every year several million passengers take off or land at German airports. In 2020, 247.8 million passengers were transported at German airports. Many of them also from NRW. But which airports are … Read more

Postgraduate Scholarship | Kaliningrad State Technical University

26.05.2022 Postgraduate Scholarship An open competitive selection is announced among graduate students for the right to receive scholarships from the President/Government of the Russian Federation, studying in educational programs of higher education for the 2022/2023 academic year. The award of scholarships is carried out based on the results of the selection of applicants from among … Read more

Mixi Co., Ltd. invests up to 3 billion yen in IP content in 5 years Invests in movie “Inu-Oh” as the first step | Anime! animation!

Mixy Co., Ltd. will increase up to 3 billion yen in IP content over the next five years in order to promote the provision of IP content that embodies “expanding rich communication and wrapping the world with happy surprises” in cooperation with partner companies. Announced to make an investment. As the first step, we will … Read more

Ennepetal: 18-year-olds after high school on the cabaret stage

Ennepetal. Young cabaret artist from Ennepetal gets coveted scholarship. The 18-year-old meets well-known cabaret artists at the tongue-tip festival. Hfsbef nbm 29 Kbisf bmu voe tdipo fjof lmbsf Wpstufmmvoh wpn Mfcfo; Ebt usjggu bvg Boojlb Xjfhboe bvt Foofqfubm {v/ Ejf gsjtdi hfcbdlfof Bcjuvsjfoujo xfjà cfsfjut kfu{u- xfmdif [jfmf tjf jo jisfs Mbvgcbio opdi fssfjdifo xjmm/ … Read more

More than 60% of Ukrainian refugees registered at the labor exchange are people with higher education | Economy

Since March 3, 22,352 Ukrainian refugees aged 20 to 65 have arrived in Estonia. Most of them applied for temporary asylum and remain in the country. Refugees who have received international protection status, a personal identification code and a work permit can register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund. “Since the beginning of March, 6,500 unemployed … Read more

Millions rush for the 9-euro ticket – now the dog pays more than the master – economy

The nationwide sale of the 9-euro tickets starts on Monday: One month nationwide use of local public transport (bus, subway, tram, etc.) and regional trains at an almost free price. Optionally for June, July or August. BILD knows: The rush will be huge! According to a representative survey (INSA for BILD), 35% of Germans want … Read more

In the Rostov region, another university joined the system of Cossack education

The signing ceremony of the roadmap for cooperation between the university and the Department for Cossacks and Cadet Educational Institutions of the Rostov Region was held at the RGEU Professors’ Club (RINH). The agreement was signed by Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region Mikhail Korneev and Rector of the Rostov State University of Economics (RINH) … Read more

Rammstein: Concert briefly interrupted due to storms

Berlin. Rammstein had to briefly interrupt the first Germany concert of the tour on Friday evening. The reason was a violent thunderstorm in Leipzig. After Tourauftakt Last weekend in Prague, today, Friday, saw the first concert in Germany with singer Till Lindemann. However, there were already concerns in advance as to whether the concert could … Read more

Pupils restore a Porsche tractor in Schermbeck

Schermbeck. Car workshop instead of classroom: ten boys from the comprehensive school get the Porsche Diesel Junior running again with the support of experts. ‟Ejf Kvoht tjoe wpmmfs Cfhfjtufsvoh ebcfj- ft nbdiu jiofo Sjftfotqbà”- tdixåsnu Lg{.Nfjtufs voe Ufdiojlfs Ebojfm C÷xjoh wpn hmfjdiobnjhfo Tdifsncfdlfs Bvupibvt/ Tfjof Xfsltubuu xjse bmmf qbbs Ubhf rvbtj {vn Voufssjdiutsbvn gýs {fio … Read more

Maoyan launches digital collection business to help the digital development of the cultural industry_Video_App_Related

Original title: Maoyan launches digital collection business to help the digital development of the cultural industry On May 18, Maoyan official app officially launched the digital collection area, and launched the first phase of Maoyan digital collection pre-sale. The first digital collection of Maoyan uses the classic characters in the main film “Making Famous”, which … Read more