Roses, books, concerts and children’s activities for Sant Jordi in Formentera

An image of the Plaza de la Constitución, in 2019, on the occasion of Sant Jordi. | DC Formentera is preparing for the next April 23, Sant Jordi and book day, the Plaza de la Constitució de Sant Francesc Xavier is a showcase for editorial news and a party (with all security measures) of the … Read more

The scarlet animal – E-Book – France Loisirs

Founded in 1970, France Leisure is today the biggest Book club in France. The club offers its 3 million members a selection of books of all kinds, as well as a wide range of cultural leisure activities, wellness products, beauty innovations … but also exclusive products through its catalog. , its shops and its website. … Read more

How we create our desired future with simplicity and ease

How we create our desired future with simplicity and ease by Dunja Kalbermatter In this article, Dunja Kalbermatter shows us how we can use the relational coaching philosophy to create our desired future with simplicity and ease. She tells us why we can confidently push aside the recipes that are offered to us in today’s … Read more

The cooking book of “home cook” that I want to read now that eating out has decreased The cooking philosophy | World | for WOMAN

<It's different from a professional cook and a celebrity who loves cooking. Who is Julia Turshen, a popular "home cook" in the United States? The gratitude and depth of home-cooked food that made me realize that the chances of eating out have decreased. Julia Turshen, a self-proclaimed “home cook,” knows it better than anyone else. … Read more

Maite R. Ochotorena: “Fill the shopping cart with my books and I went to sell them”

He likes nature and transfers that passion to The Forest Messenger, his latest story, where he has turned nature into a flesh and blood character in a world of suspense. Make it clear that what attracts you and fascinates you is the thriller, genre present in all his books. Maite R. Ochotorena is a fun … Read more

Photos And Something Else

Description Photos and something else. It is a compilation of some essays and photos where the author tries to express his vision of the world. It was conceived to analyze in a more political way some issues that affect modern society. As for the photography, they are all original images that are available in various … Read more

thunderstorms with local hailstorms. Bad weather is back –

After today’s stable and exceptionally hot phase over Italy thanks to the North African anticyclone (and in Europe red alert for the hottest March in history), with temperatures up to 10-11 degrees above the norm in the north and in Tuscany and generalized good weather everywhere, the turning point around the corner. As early as … Read more

The Voce Quartet in concert online Sunday from the church of Villiers-sur-

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