Passenger dies in a game accident – arrest thanks to passer-by

Frankfurt. A 44-year-old passerby prevented worse things from happening at the skater facility in Ostpark on Thursday evening: he prevented a 66-year-old, obviously drunk, from further harassing a 25-year-old skater who was active there around 7.30 p.m. The unknown man had grabbed the woman’s buttocks and then immorally touched her genital area. The woman made … Read more

Animal cruelty: more than 20 dogs neglected in small boxes – Thuringia

According to the animal rights activists, the assumptions were unfortunately confirmed that more than 20 dogs, mostly small breeds, were kept in small, sometimes heavily contaminated boxes. The animals therefore had neither enough food nor water. The police intervened on Monday. 18 of the animals found were in a condition of health concern, whereupon they … Read more

Dog in Weimar attacks woman – but the owner doesn’t care

Weimar. A 55-year-old took her Saturday walk Weimar also presented differently … When the woman walked down a beaten path on Saturday afternoon Weimar-West along the grounds of the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, a family came to her with an off-leash dog opposite. Dog in Weimar bites At first glance, the dog seemed quite inconspicuous to the woman: … Read more

Dog in Erfurt: Extraordinary “four-legged friends” fascinate at Domplatz

Erfurt. Such a dogwho is in Erfurt was now walking on the cathedral square, maybe not everyone wants to have a best friend. But certainly as a watchdog. Because “Spot” is not just any old runner dog out Erfurt. Dog in Erfurt is very different from all other four-legged friends It is a technically state-of-the-art … Read more

Kulmbach: Defective cordless screwdriver sets the house on fire – dog dies – Kulmbach

As the police announced on Monday, a 37-year-old man wanted to charge his cordless screwdriver on Easter Sunday. The battery exploded. The man and his children were able to watch the explosion before the fire spread to the entire ground floor via an adjacent armchair. A technical defect in the battery is assumed to be … Read more