Preparing for College: Budgeting and Scholarships

High 3 daughter, college entrance examination is approaching this year I am busy with my studies. Private university budget: 5 million yenI’m thinking in Apart from that Exam fee, admission fee and laptop (required), daughter’s suit set Humanities (Faculty of Economics), commute from home train ticketseems to be necessary too! Including the tuition fee, including … Read more

Chinese Herald News- Hong Kong’s longest-lived band Winner announced that it will disband

Hong Kong’s longest-lived group Winner announced that it will disband date: 2023/05/21 17:19 According to media reports, the Wenna band, composed of Alan Tam, Chung Zhentao, Peng Jianxin, Chen You and Ye Zhiqiang, announced on the occasion of their 50th anniversary that they will bid farewell to fans after holding their ninth Red Hall concert … Read more

Open Call – Werner Fenz Grant for Art in Public Space 2024

Applications for the Werner Fenz grant for art in public space 2024, which is awarded jointly by steirischer herbst and the city of Graz, are now open. In honor of the art historian and curator Werner Fenz (1944-2016) and on the initiative of over 200 artists, curators, journalists and other members of the art world, … Read more

ChatGPT artificial intelligence claims its first victims on the stock market

By Claudia Cohen Posted 3 hours ago , Update 2 hours ago This is the first real time that a company has presented ChatGPT as a competitor capable of amputating its growth. Andrey Popov – DECRYPTION – For the first time, an edtech company presented the chatbot as a competitor to its services. One … Read more

April 26 – the day of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the support of guide dogs

Born on this day: Channing Tatum is an American actor, producer and model. Grew up in a rural area on the banks of the Mississippi River. As a child, Tatum was involved in several sports at once: baseball, athletics, American football, and even kung fu. Channing later admitted that these skills were very useful in … Read more

[Tokyo]The event “Mayu Ito & Taniken’s Family Concert” will be held on May 5, 2023 (Friday / Holiday)-Red Channel Blog

Event “Mayu Ito & Taniken’s Family Concert” will be held A concert featuring Mayu Ito from ETV’s “Okaasan to Issho” and Taniken from “Hookbook Law”, “Mayu Ito & Taniken’s Family Concert” will be held at Tamagawa Takashimaya SC in Tokyo. It’s a fun event, so if you’re in the area, please come by all means. … Read more

The kindergarten, a very special place – landshuter-rundschau

Today, the youngest receive not only care, but also education in day-care centers. Landshut – pm (04/24/2023) Early childhood education promotes the development of children: What is a familiar thought today was a groundbreaking new insight in the 19th century, which has greatly enriched the lives of countless children. The Johanniter remember this on the … Read more

Leela Dookun still has a soft spot for Vikash Ramdonee

During a recent transfer exercise, Vikash Ramdonee was ejected from the Royal College of Curepipe and landed at the Marcel Cabon SSS of Beau-Bassin. It is not as glamorous an establishment as the RCC. The education sector controlled by Minister Dookun’s family? The former blue-eyed boy of Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun was, in the eyes of … Read more

A traveler from Russia and her dog have traveled all over the world

“People around me appear every day. They are all different. There are sympathetic, empathic and attentive. Many offer food or lodging. And there are those who are dangerous, the traveler says. “The same can be said about countries. I can’t tell which ones are worse and which ones are better. Each of them is good … Read more

Doggies also appear![Nara]Event “Musik Fest Nara 2023 Family Concert” will be held on Sunday, May 28, 2023 (Deadline 4/30)-Red Channel Blog

Event “Musik Fest Nara 2023 Family Concert” will be held A show to play with Doggies is also held! An event where various concerts are held in Nara every year, “Musik Fest Nara”. One of the events is Musikfest 2023 “Family Concert”.It will be held at the Nara Prefectural Convention Center. “Stretch with everyone!” with … Read more