Twelve Institutions Including the Musée d’Orsay in Paris Join the Web 3 Scholarship Program – Insight Finance

[Twelve institutions including the Musée d’Orsay in Paris join the Web 3 Scholarship Program]Insight Finance reports that a new program aims to bring global art and cultural institutions into the Web 3.0 world. The decentralized third-generation network is the blockchain , the home of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Twelve institutions, including the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, … Read more

“Athletes Business United”, a business educational institution specializing in athletes, issues tokens with FiNANCiE | New Economy

ABU issues tokens on FiNANCiE The next-generation crowdfunding service “FiNANCiE” announced on February 1 that it will issue new tokens for “Athletes Business United: ABU” and start selling them. “ABU” is a business education institution specializing in athletes established in 2020. Former professional baseball players, professional athletes such as J-leaguers, athletes in minor sports, para-athletes, … Read more

ChainCatcher on Binance Feed: Binance Charity to Offer Over 30,000 Web3 Scholarships in 2023

ChainCatcher news, Binance Charity, Binance Charity, announced that it will provide 30,665 scholarships for students who are keen to start a career in the Web3 field through the Binance Charity Scholars Program (BCSP) in 2023. The program has so far received more than 82,000 applications. Since its launch in June 2022, Binance Charity has funded … Read more

ChainCatcher on Binance Feed: Waterdrip Capital Launches a $10 Million Web3 University Entrepreneurship Special Fund and Launches the First Scholarship Program

Waterdrip Capital Launches $10M Web3 University Entrepreneurship Fund and Launches Inaugural Scholarship Program ChainCatcher news, Waterdrip Capital announced the launch of a special investment fund of 10 million US dollars to support college Web3 entrepreneurs. In the next 1-2 years, the fund will screen hundreds of student entrepreneur projects around the world to provide cash … Read more

Waterdrip Capital Launches $10M Web3 University Entrepreneurship Fund and Launches Scholarship Program

According to the news, Waterdrip Capital has launched a special investment fund of 10 million US dollars to support Web3 entrepreneurs in colleges and universities. The fund will screen hundreds of student entrepreneur projects around the world in the next 1-2 years, and help them develop Web3 while giving cash support Field-related entrepreneurship; At the … Read more

Unlocking New Christmas Poses: PICO’s Latest Image Experience Store Landed in Chongqing Raffles

Unlocking new poses for Christmas: PICO’s latest image experience store lands in Chongqing Raffles zhangli December 26, 2022 at 17:48 On December 24, the VR brand PICO offline experience store officially opened in Chongqing Raffles Shopping Center. The store covers an area of ​​more than 220 square meters. On the opening day, it attracted many … Read more

Kelon Air Conditioner Insights into the World Cup from a New Perspective and Accurately Touches the Real Scenes of Users–IT Times Net

Kelon air conditioner has a new perspective to see the World Cup and accurately touch the real scene of users zhangli November 22, 2022 at 10:30 As the first World Cup in the post-epidemic era and the most important football event, this World Cup will undoubtedly attract the attention of countless people. The World Cup … Read more

Online Education + Entrepreneurs

Most of the students in Latin America do not have the privilege of having a first level education. Still, access to the internet has skyrocketed in recent years, giving students the opportunity to gain education through online platforms, and this begs the question: Could digital education be the hope of Latin America? Could digital education … Read more

SQUARE ENIX: Participating in game-specific blockchain “Oasys” | Exploring new game development | Virtual currency news media Bit Times

On September 12, 2022, the game-specific blockchain project “Oasys” decided to participate in “Square Enix Co., Ltd.” as one of the 21 initial validators that support the Oasys blockchain. announced. It is reported that SQUARE ENIX will also explore new game development on the Oasys chain. Read here: Mos Burger opens “first virtual store” on … Read more

What is “BFF”, a female-led Web3 educational community centered on NFT | Virtual Currency Column | HEDGE GUIDE for comparison and ranking of virtual currencies (crypto assets)

This time, we would like to introduce a column contributed by Hiromi Ouchi of Fracton Ventures Co., Ltd., which conducts business on the theme of Web 3.0 and DAO. table of contents What is BFF Two NFT collections published by BFF2-1. BFF Friendship Bracelet2-2. You Features of BFFs3-1. Abundant educational content3-2. Active Discord community BFF … Read more