Starving Family Selling Baby – “I Had To Do It”

In Afghanistan the situation is getting worse and the famine is worsening. That’s why a family there sold their baby. According to a report, they received $ 500 for the child. Photo series with 10 pictures A family in Afghanistan apparently had to sell their daughter to avoid starvation. The British broadcaster BBC reported on … Read more

Konen mind to himself. Adele released a new dog and immediately records

<!—-> It was the first time after six years that Adele released a new dog from Thursday to the bird. The fixes of the latest album 30, which, like the previous ones, is named after the age when she started recording, this time thly. Naten’s albums were affected by a complicated divorce from his son’s … Read more

F-22 crashed due to poor washing – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The fighter crashed on March 15, 2020, immediately after taking off from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The pilot ejected and was not injured, the plane completely burned out. During the rescue operation, another catastrophe almost happened – the F-35 and F-22 aimed at finding the pilot nearly collided in the air. The usual … Read more

BBC compensates artist for pointing out fraud in Diana interview

Dhe BBC has reached an agreement on financial compensation with graphic designer Matt Wiessler, who was sidelined after he pointed out the unfair result of the legendary 1995 interview with Princess Diana. “We are pleased that the BBC and Mr. Wiessler have reached an agreement,” said the broadcaster on Friday. She did not give details … Read more

September 11: the chilling call of the flight attendant Betty Ong from the first plane that crashed into the Twin Towers | | WORLD

“What’s going on, Betty? Betty, talk to me. Betty are you there? Betty? Nydia Gonzalez, the chief of operations for American Airlines (AA) that morning of September 11, 2001, I knew that something serious had happened on the other side of the line. LOOK: What we know about how the terrorist attacks of September 11 … Read more

By saying goodbye to his aunt, the farmer touches the world. He drove the sheep into a heart shape

Australian farmer Ben Jackson could not say goodbye to his aunt, who lost the fight against cancer, due to strict pandemic restrictions. He therefore decided to pay homage to her on his own pasture, where he poured heart-shaped sheep feed. When the herd came to the food, it created a vivid pattern. By saying goodbye … Read more

Johnson was never supposed to rule Britain

Dhe former chief adviser to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, wanted to replace the British Prime Minister with another politician “within days” of his election victory. Cummings said in a BBC interview excerpted Tuesday. Accordingly, shortly after Johnson’s overwhelming victory in the general election in December 2019, there were talks between advisors in the government seat … Read more

EM 2021: This is how Sweet Caroline became the English football anthem

IN „Sweet Caroline“ The classic even surpasses “Football’s Coming Home” Stand: 10.07.2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes “I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say,” Harry Kane said over the fan chant Quelle: Getty Images/Andy Rain – Pool You sing it with full force. Neil Diamond’s classic Sweet Caroline carries England through the tournament. The … Read more

They make our daughters slaves. Parents of children named Alexa criticize Amazon

When Amazon called its smart home Alexa, it had no idea what inconvenience it would cause. Parents whose daughters have the same name complain that children face bullying because of Alex’s name and demand that the company consider a different name. On the contrary, some preferred to change the name of their daughters. “Alex, light … Read more

COVID: What is the reason for the resistance in employees to return to the offices despite calls from bosses? | NNDC | ECONOMY

Some of the main economies in the world are beginning to resume a ‘normal life’ after controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why many companies have begun to slip the idea into their employees of having to leave teleworking and return to their offices . This is generating a series of disagreements. According to a … Read more