Suspected of harassment, the Minister of Education suspended

Australia’s Education and Youth Minister Alan Tudge has been suspended from his post pending an investigation into allegations of harassment by a former employee, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Thursday (December 2nd) . A former public servant, Rachelle Miller, on Thursday accused Alan Tudge of bullying and physical assault during an affair they had in … Read more

Sunedu: Peru and Australia will share experiences on the quality of higher education | News

The National Superintendency of University Higher Education (Sunedu) and the Australian Tertiary Education Standards and Quality Agency (TEQSA) signed an institutional memorandum of understanding, in order to promote the exchange of information on regulatory approaches and good practices for the assurance of higher educational quality. Both entities seek to promote cooperation in the knowledge of … Read more

Pictures of dog playing with ‘ghost dog’ go viral –

A disturbing video of two dogs, one of whom appears to be a ghost, has gone viral on social media. The scene is caught by the surveillance camera of a house in Melbourne (Australia), reports Cnews.Fr. Jake Demarco has decided to upload the video of his dog playing with a strange shape that strangely resembles … Read more

Pets were culled during the epidemic in China, calls for protection laws are rising-ABC News

Warning: This article contains details of animal abuse, which may cause some uneasy readers, please choose to read. Last week, as part of the “epidemic prevention” work, a pet corgi was brutally killed in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China, which sparked a heated debate on animal abuse on social media. Key points: The owner of … Read more

They honor Bear, the dog that saved 100 koalas during the fires in Australia

A six-year-old Australian koolie dog, who one day he was abandoned for having “behavioral problems”, he has been awarded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare with the award for “animal action”. Bear was abandoned and is now a hero who saved 100 koalas (Instagram). The award was given to him in recognition of the … Read more

Rescue dog receives international award for saving more than 100 koalas in Australia fires

Dogs are not only man’s best friends, they are also the best heroes one can meet. Bear, a long-abandoned dog, now works as a star member of his rescue team: sniffing through the ashes of burned forests, exploring inch by inch, until he finally reaches the koala in distress. After rescuing more than 100 specimens … Read more

Temporary residents in Australia reopened the border, the situation remains unchanged-ABC News

It has been almost two years since Giovanni van Empel was reunited with his children. Key points: With the vaccination rate in the states reaching 80%, Australia’s borders are reopening Relaxed border regulations do not apply to temporary visa holders Visa holders have been signing petitions, hoping to include them in the border reopening plan … Read more

Large-scale event in Melbourne, Australia, vaccination rate reaches 80% | Reuters

In Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, the city’s shopping malls were crowded with shoppers on the 30th, and large-scale events such as horse racing competitions and concerts were held after the restrictions on behavior were further relaxed due to the rise in the coronavirus vaccination rate. Was also opened. The photo was taken in Melbourne … Read more

Hundreds of koala Australian puppies rescued from wildfire win international awards | Animal Action Award | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times October 27, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun reported) Australia has experienced severe wildfires in the past two years, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions of animals, including the country’s unique koala (also known as Kao pull). But thanks to the efforts of the government, civil organizations, and scout dogs like Bear, … Read more