Stream TEXT CITY TEXT | 10th lecture | Learning from the Ringbahn by Stephan Porombka / University of the Arts Berlin

published on 2021-06-24T11:55:26Z (Material for this 10th lecture: ON THE ROAD WITH THE RINGBAHN // (0:50) What a ring track for the text of the City means — The weaving of the hypertexture — New ways to read the cityscape — Just drive off: Read the text of the city for one hour! WHY … Read more

▷ Digital medicine: the future is calling / interesting facts about e-prescriptions and health apps

15.06.2021 – 04:15 Wort & Bild Verlag – health reports 2 Audios BmE_digitale-Medizin_AU6B.mp3MP3 – 3.8 MB – 01:40Download otp_digitale-Medizin_AU6B.mp3MP3 – 2.6 MB – 01:08Download Baierbrunn (ots) Announcement: Many citizens came into contact with digital medicine as a result of the pandemic; Another digital innovation is the e-prescription. Petra Terdenge reports: Speaker: The digital prescription is … Read more

TEXT CITY TEXT | 8th lecture | From the Botanical Garden by Stephan Porombka / University of the Arts Berlin

published on 2021-06-09T17:31:33Z (Material for this 8th lecture: FIRST SECTION // (0:50) Going to the botanical garden means: still to dive deeper into the text of the city SECOND SECTION // (3:00) The controlled nature — “Green” stands for “Quality of Life” — Re-Entry: The greening of the text of the city SECTION THIRD … Read more

Ep.20 with Rocío Chavez “Future of Education” by DBox Radio

published on 2021-06-07T11:30:56Z Interview with Rocío Chávez Cartographer of innovation in learning Bárbara invites us to reflect on our possible futures. An invitation to explore signs of change and trends from technology, culture, science, in order to make the decisions today that allow us to navigate towards that preferable future. Guests: Entrepreneurs, researchers, Academics, leaders … Read more

“Intangible Cultural Heritage Youth Talk” audio special series about the story of intangible cultural heritage in southern Guangdong is now

2021-06-01 15:08:32 Source: China News Network Author: Wang Shiyao Editor in charge: Wang Shiyao The “Intangible Cultural Heritage Youth Talk” audio special series about intangible cultural heritage stories in southern Guangdong is now online.Photo by Lu Kezhuo China News Service, Guangzhou, June 1st (Reporter Jingwei Cheng) The “Intangible Cultural Heritage Youth Talk” intangible cultural heritage … Read more

Dog photographer Christian Vieler – known overnight with an idea

Hamburg. Christian Vieler photographs dogs in a special way. How he got there, he tells in the edogs dog podcast. Whoops and away – no sooner does the owner throw his dog a treat than it has disappeared again. In just a few seconds, an amusing spectacle between anticipation, greed and the fear of not … Read more

TEXT CITY TEXT | 5th lecture | The told city by Stephan Porombka / University of the Arts Berlin

published on 2021-05-20T11:24:40Z (Material for this 5th lecture: THE WOMEN DRINKING MILK COFFEE ON ACACIA STREET // (1:00) One sentence that stuck in my head — Seeing the city differently — Seeing yourself differently in the city — The question of how we are connected to the city through literary texts M. — A … Read more

Kugou’s “Worry-Relief Radio 2.0” closed at 8.83 million young people who healed anxiety in the “voice”_ 东方

Original title: Kugou’s “Worry-Relief Radio 2.0” ended, 8.83 million young people healed anxiety in “voice” Recently, the second season of the audio program “Relief Radio”, jointly produced by Kugou and China Youth Daily, officially ended. Focusing on the theme of “Chinese Youth”, this season’s program combines professional psychology experts and positive energy celebrities to jointly … Read more