Masterful chamber music: Two more concerts on Friday in Bad Elster | free press

Those who take part in the international Chursächsische master courses for violin, viola and violoncello in Bad Elster are undoubtedly already masters of their craft. Why did the musicians follow the call of the Chursächsische Veranstaltungsgesellschaft for the ninth time? Because with Obermeister, the course instructors Pauline Sachse, Peter Bruns…

My small dogs – YaPlakal

Nasos2014 Status: Online Yarila Registration: 1.12.15 Posts: 1349 134 I will write about my flock. I never liked small dogs. Anything less than a like seemed to me something not serious. I come home somehow. The wife shows a video with a puppy and asks: -Do you like it? I, not suspecting a dirty trick, … Read more

A service dog helped find a Ugra woman lost in the rain in the dark

14:19 19.08.2022 398 views Photo: SurgutInform-TV archive In the dark and in the rain, police officers with a service dog were looking for the missing Ugra woman. The scent did not disappoint the four-legged assistant – the lost one was found and returned home. The rescue story was told in the press service of the Ministry … Read more

How Astrakhan will celebrate the Day of Russia

The program of festive events in the city on June 12. 08.00. Astrakhan Kremlin. Solemn raising of the Russian tricolor, musical numbers performed by Astrakhan artists. 10.00. Ethnoyard of the House of Crafts and the House of Friendship (B. Khmelnitsky St., 9, building 3a). A festive concert with the participation of the Astrakhan Song folklore … Read more