Simple Asian Games is simple but not “minus” – Comments – China Engineering Network

Original title: Simple Asian Games, simple but not “minus” Whether it is the “frugality” in the concept of hosting the games, or the “simplicity” in the characteristics and requirements of hosting the games, being careful and spending every penny well has always been a major purpose of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Simplicity is “minus”, and … Read more

Enter the AR world and take photos with mascots to unlock the black technology of the Asian Games_中国网

Enter the AR world and interact with the mascots to take photos together to unlock the black technology of the Asian Games Imagine that a concert suddenly appears in the square, and the mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games is “inviting” you to join… This kind of scene that only appeared in science fiction movies … Read more

UN rapporteur closely looking at indicators of China deporting NK defectors

Elizabeth Salmon, the U.N. specific rapporteur for human rights in North Korea, explained she has been closely checking China for any signs of a resumption in the pressured repatriations of North Korean escapees as the two international locations ease border limitations. In a assertion not long ago sent to The Korea Periods, Salmon acknowledged the … Read more