Hundreds of tarantulas and insects confiscated at the airport Suspected of smuggling Colombia

(CNN) Colombian South American officials seized hundreds of spiders and insects on the 2nd, blocking alleged attempts to smuggle insects into Europe. Officials have revealed. At least 232 tarantulas, 67 cockroaches, 9 spider eggs, an adult scorpion and 7 children were confiscated at El Dorado Airport in the capital Bogotá, according to a statement by … Read more Pet names also reflect Corona’s illness, and dogs’ “zoom” and “fauci” surged-(1/2)

(CNN) This year’s dog run may be flooded with puppies named “Grogu,” named after “Zoom,” “Britney,” and even the characters from the Star Wars series drama “The Mandalorian.” In the pet name ranking recently announced by the pet service introduction site “”, it became clear that names reflecting the era of the new coronavirus and … Read more

New variant of Covid: European stock markets plunge, CAC 40 at its lowest since March 2020

FINANCE – With the news of the spread of a new variant described as even more contagious than the Delta variant, the stock markets were scared on Friday. In Europe as in Asia, a clear dropout was felt. Paris fell 4.75%. LCI editorial staff – 2021-11-26T17:50:25.792+01:00 The news of the emergence of a new variant … Read more

China: Large dog bite accident, disposal of 7 civil servants in Anyang, Henan / China Industrial Data & Report Ashu Business

news 2021/11/25 17:59 NEW!! China: Large dog bite accident, seven civil servants dismissed in Anyang, Henan Risk management / society On the 23rd, Anyang City officials in northern Henan Province said that a large dog raised by a civil servant in the city had bitten a general passerby and injured him. Reported that it was … Read more

Taiwan considers cooperation with three Eastern European countries in semiconductors | Reuters

On November 25, Taiwan’s National Development Council chief minister Kyo Ming Kin told reporters that he was considering cooperating with three Eastern European countries in the field of semiconductors. Taken in Taipei, June 2015 (2021 Reuters / Pichi Chuang) [Taipei 25th Reuters]–Kyo Ming Kin, chief minister of the Taiwan National Development Council, told reporters on … Read more

Kosei Gakuen Junior and Senior High School: News from Member Schools: Junior High School Examination Support: Education, Examination, Job Hunting: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Kosei Gakuen Junior and Senior High School (Suginami-ku, Tokyo) started the “Global Course” this year in the first year of junior high and high school. We will practice a curriculum centered on international understanding education, centered on overseas training. Next year, we will review the English conversation class and aim for all junior high school … Read more Protective dog with four legs amputated, successful surgery on prosthesis Russia

(CNN) In Russia, an operation was recently performed on a dog “Monica” who was protected from being injured, and prostheses were attached to four legs. Monica was also euthanized because she was seriously injured. Veterinarian Sergei Gorskov performed surgery to attach the prosthesis. Based in Novosibirsk, it has been operating on 37 animals to attach … Read more

Outrage in China after execution of dog sparks outrage –

This sequence called into question the radical anti-Covid measures in China, because the dog was executed while its owners were in quarantine. Broken promise Chinese health services carried out a dog, a corgi, kicking a crowbar on the head. This scene from animal abuse took place in the apartment of his masters in Shangrao (center … Read more

Afghan women lawyers on the run face life in limbo abroad

ATHENS, Oct 25 (Reuters) – When the Taliban seized Afghanistan, lawyer Bibi Chaman Hafizi heard the militants were going door to door, hunting for people who worked for the state, so she burned every document in her home and went into hiding. Then she fled the country. Like dozens more women working in the legal … Read more

Education: China passes law to reduce pressure on schoolchildren –

The Chinese government wants to lighten the burden on children when it comes to homework and extracurricular classes. A law passed on Saturday 23 October will reduce the pressure on students. Very selective school system On China, the school system is very selective. The university entrance examination, which determines whether or not the student can … Read more