Dog ends up in a 45-metre chasm, rescued by firefighters – Tuscany

Speleologists intervene to recover it, the animal is fine (ANSA) – LIVORNO, JAN 30 – During a hunting trip a dog fell into a chasm of about 45 meters in the countryside of Sassetta, in the Livorno area. To save it, the intervention of a team of firefighters specialized in speleological rescue was necessary, arriving … Read more

Use: dog steps on gun, fires and kills owner – World

A dog stepped on a shotgun that was in his owner’s car and killed him. The accident happened over the weekend in Kansas. The American media report it citing the police. The 30-year-old man, sitting in the passenger seat, was shot in the back. He was hunting with his dog and had left the weapon … Read more

Adopting a dog, cat or other animal in Switzerland: here’s how to proceed

You have thought about it a lot, and now you have decided: you will welcome a pet into your home. Is an excellent idea! Rather than buying a cat, dog or other four-legged friend, think about adoption! Every year, tens of thousands of animals in shelters and kennels throughout Switzerland await a second life in … Read more

the Brussels Region supports two research projects

These projects have two objectives: to reduce the use of laboratory animals and to promote alternative methods. The number of animals used in experiments has decreased by 45% compared to 2015. But it is still too high even though there are alternatives to animal experimentation. This is why the Brussels Minister for Animal Welfare, Bernard … Read more

Dog bites little girl, the owner who threatens the carabinieri arrested – Liguria

In Rivarolo. In Borgoratti Pitbull bites a woman, a complaint (ANSA) – GENOA, 08 SEPT – Her dog bites a 6-year-old girl and when the carabinieri arrive she attacks them. It happened in a bar in Borgoratti. The girl was medicated at Gaslini and has a six-day prognosis while the owner of the dog + … Read more

The refuge “Le Rêve d’Aby”, in Gembloux, denounces alarming figures concerning animal abuse: “It does not stop anymore”

Published on Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 10:10 a.m. Par Agnes Demaret At Rêve d’Aby, we keep rolling up our sleeves. The shelter’s number of animal rescues reached record highs last month. Sophie Locatelli hardly knows where to turn. Last August, the number of rescues in which she participated with her shelter for farm animals … Read more

skeletons found, 11 sheep and 10 chickens saved

Posted on Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 11:47 a.m. Par Colleen Tordeur This Tuesday, animal welfare associations rescued 11 sheep and 10 hens in Vezin (Andenne). On the spot, they noted a “flagrant lack of care” and skeletons of sheep. Another animal abuse scandal affecting our region. This Tuesday, August 30, the Animals in Danger, … Read more

She enters a large basin to save her dog and gets stranded – Sardinia

Rescue intervention by the fire brigade in La Maddalena She went into a tank full of water to save her dog, but got stuck inside with the animal. It happened on the evening of August 15th in La Maddalena, in the locality of Puzzoni. The woman dropped into the tank to save her dog, but … Read more

Sicily: clean the street from peeing your dog, ok law Ars – Sicily

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 12 JUL – In addition to removing their dog’s excrement from the street or parks, in Sicily the owners of four-legged animals will also be required to clean their pee with water. This is foreseen by a provision of the bill approved in the afternoon by the Sicilian Regional Assembly. The provision … Read more

Ephemeral gardens, DJ afterworks, concerts… A lively summer in Mons with 60 activities!

Par L.P. | Published on 06/24/2022 at 14:47 The City of Mons has just unveiled its activity program for July and August. This year, “Destination Mons” offers concerts (BJ Scott, Thierry Luthers…), shows (Freddy Tougaux) but also ephemeral gardens… The details. *** ****** ****** ** **** *** ********** *** ** ****** ** ****** ** ******** … Read more