They find the oldest record of animal life – Noticieros Televisa

01:05 Scientists from Laurentian University in Canada found what could be the oldest record of animal life, it is a sponge fossil from 890 million years ago, although it is believed that the appearance of these simple animals dates back to one billion years. 500 million years .

Facebook viral: young man teaches his dog good manners and scene surprises thousands

You will be surprised. Not like others animals, dogs stand out for their great intelligence, which allows them to demonstrate incredible attitudes and gestures that are not part of their nature. This was demonstrated by the dog that appears in the video viral From Facebook. In the first seconds of video viral which has more … Read more

Video: the tender reaction of a dog to being rescued in the middle of the floods

You have successfully registeredPlease click the link in the email sent to Send the mail again Video: the tender reaction of a dog to being rescued in the middle of the floods Video: the tender reaction of a dog to being rescued in the middle of the floods A video recorded during floods in … Read more

Ayo The Clown: The Platformer Who Has Dog! (PC, Switch)

Ah the clowns, these characters and their red noses who manage to frighten us in thrillers and other horror films like “That”. If they are the obsession of some, they also and above all make the happiness of young and old with their pranks, well it is the latter that particularly interest us today with … Read more

TikTok Viral: Dog captivates with how careful he is to interact with fish in a pond

A very special relationship. On TikTok, a video that starred by Koi, a dog of boxer breed. The pet managed to captivate thousands of netizens with a moving performance that was developed in the United States. The images showed the peculiar moment that has been broadcast on multiple platforms. In the clip shared on the … Read more

Adopt Dog COQUIN CHAO11266 – 91 – Refuge de Chamarande

Rascal or Coke is a loulou who has just arrived from the impound, very outgoing and very clingy with the whole team, he is looking for adopters available to be able to spend it as it should be, and to continue his education with the positive method because Mr. hard to channel! We do not … Read more

How pets were rescued from the floods | Europe | DW

Sandra Bischoff was about to go to sleep when she found out about the flood disaster, which also flooded horse stables in the Erft valley. The Cologne native has three horses in a stable in Leverkusen and is in constant contact with other horse breeders via social networks. Sandra immediately organized a group of volunteer … Read more

Emaciated thoroughbred dog dies after being abandoned in Okhotsk – Sakhalin Oblast News

On the night of July 28, the dog, which was found in the Okhotsk Korsakov district, died of bleeding. The volunteers named the friendly animal Mukha and wanted to take her to the veterinary clinic, but did not have time. “Bleeding is a symptom of some kind of disease, but since the doctors did not … Read more