Student with dog can’t find a house for rent in Pescara

Studying in a city other than your own is a challenge for anyone. Having to settle in, meet new people, take lessons and take exams. If you then add the impossibility of finding one new house for rent just because you have a cane, everything is drastically complicated. That’s what’s happening to Martina, a 22-year-old … Read more

CDU would like more snoopers on four paws for prisons>news> 18. April 2021 – 9:24 Clock Erfurt (dpa / th) – The CDU parliamentary group in the state parliament has spoken out in favor of more sniffer dogs for use in Thuringia’s prisons. “It would make sense to have a dog at least for every facility, that would not be associated with a huge … Read more

Facebook viral: dog rescued from the street refuses to sleep in a comfortable bed

The videos of puppies are a sensation on Facebook, as a huge number of Internet users have published content of these pets, as it is one of the platforms with the highest number of netizens in social media. On this occasion, a rescued dog became the protagonist of this touching video. The clip made it … Read more

Animal abuse | A rally in Madrid calls for the release of Vivotecnia’s animals

Dozens of people have requested this Saturday in Madrid the release of the animals used in the Vivotecnia laboratory, investigated for alleged abuse, and end experimentation with them. Those present have chanted shouts such as: “We will not stop until the day that every cage is empty” or “Vivotecnia torture and murder”, and have placed … Read more

the dog rescued at the last minute, the kids identified

What may have gone through those children’s minds is still unclear. What is certain is that that cruel “game” could have turned into tragedy. We are in Acate, a town in the Ragusa area of ​​just over 10 thousand inhabitants. There, in a popular neighborhood, a small group of children he’s playing. They are small, … Read more

These applications help you to verify if a product has not been tested on animals

Since they came to light the images of alleged animal abuse from the research laboratory Vivotecnia, dozens of cosmetic brands have received inquiries about their practices when developing a product to find out whether or not it has been tested on animals. The term “Cruelty Free” has become fashionable in recent years. It is a … Read more

RTL reporter visits Wildcat owner> 16. April 2021 – 17:36 Clock In the video: RTL reporter meets puma and cheetah It should actually be clear: Pumas, cheetahs, lions and bears are wild animals and therefore have no place in your own four walls. Keeping wild animals has also been banned in Russia since 2020. Alexander Dimitriev from the Russian … Read more

Animals: Dog Luigi found in Austria after two months | Regional

Warngau/ Zell am See – In snow and double-digit minus degrees, Bracke-mix Luigi (2) wandered through Bavaria and Austria for months. At the beginning of January he ran away from Jürgen Meißner in Warngau. “I was able to keep track of both his paw and line tracks in the snow. After seven kilometers the track … Read more

YouTube viral: dog becomes the inseparable ‘friend’ of a girl and scene touches

You will be surprised. Some people claim that dogs are man’s best friends thanks to their loyalty and their qualities as animals company. This was demonstrated by the puppy that appears in the video YouTube when taking care of her owner’s baby. These pets are capable of establishing a unique relationship with their owners. Such … Read more

The government has agreed on the rules on mandatory labeling of animals

2021-04-15T04:43:00+03:00 2021-04-15T05: 30: 57 + 03: 00 2021-04-15T04:43:00+03:00 2021 The government has agreed on the rules on mandatory labeling of animals Economy news ru-RU https: //russiasegodny.rf The draft law of the Ministry of Agriculture, establishing norms on compulsory registration and labeling of animals, received a positive opinion from the government, it will be … Read more