For dog owners, the tax could be raised in 2023. What amount are we talking about

The amount of the tax depends on several factors. The tax system in the Republic of Belarus includes 28 types of taxes and fees (duties). This includes the dog tax. They want to raise this fee for friendship with pets in 2023, Recall that the fee for dog owners refers to local taxes. According … Read more

Evolution of Animal South American RVA Told by the NSP4 Gene E12 Genotype

Rotavirus A (RVA) possesses a genome of 11 double-stranded (ds) RNA segments, and each segment encodes one protein, with the exception of segment 11. NSP4 is a non-structural multifunctional protein encoded by segment 10 that defines the E-genotype. From the 31 E-genotypes described, genotype E12 has been described in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil in … Read more

Mexican hairless dog: origin, size and character

The Mexican hairless dog was considered a sacred animal by the Aztecs. Muscular and hairless, this pet with an atypical physique is ideal for families. Of a racy appearance, the mexican hairless dog is a pet with a balanced temperament. Always quick to play and naturally enthusiastic, he makes children happy. His origins The naked … Read more

an investigation opened against a couple of influencers

Recovered by the Argenteuil BAC (Val d’Oise), a little four-month-old dog was entrusted to the Animal Assistance Foundation. The animal was victim of violence from “his owners”a couple of influencers named Rop and Rocka FrenchRapQueen, who had used the animal during a music video. The Foundation writes in its press release that it has found … Read more

Investigated for mistreating his dog in Mogán and a veterinarian for document falsification

The Patrol of Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard Neighborhood (Gran Canaria) last October investigated a person for the crime of animal abuse and/or abandonment, since in addition to having four dogs in a private home in a precarious state, according to images provided to the Benemérita, it can be seen how the … Read more

The Netherlands handed over 10 shepherd dogs to serve the police in Irpin

These dogs are the new patrol dogs of the Irpin cynological center. Together with the police, they will work during the investigation of crimes and will identify explosive objects. “This is a search for explosives, a search for narcotic substances, a search for corpses or human remains. It is also a search for a scent … Read more

Guillaume Becker, taxidermist: with him, dead animals come back to life

Guillaume Becker is a taxidermist for the MNHN. His job is to stuff animals to inform the public, but also to provide a working basis for researchers. When we find Guillaume Becker in his studio, near Kehlen, he is busy polishing a chamois: a little scratching at eye level, another at the corners of the … Read more

DOGS AT HOME | The dog that best adapts to living in an apartment or in a house with children

Some breeds of dogs are usually the first to be chosen and adopted in kennels. These breeds are extremely sweet, affectionate and are even among the most adopted if we have newborns at home. Dogs of these breeds are some of the most docile, affectionate and widely adopted by families, but they may have problems … Read more

Why do dogs roll over and rub their backs against the ground?

Being close to or living with a dog is often witnessing the animal lying on its back, whatever the surface, and rubbing itself enthusiastically, waddling its entire body. Seeing them turn upside down can have several reasons, mostly it is part of normal behavior that should not worry usbut on other occasions, it may imply … Read more