Can a cat be friends with a dog

Pet owners are not always divided into strict “cat lovers” and “dog lovers”. Often people have both cats and dogs at once. And many of them claim that their pets get along well with each other. Cat and dog are two different species, whose natural instincts make them “enemies”. Dogs are generally social animals that … Read more

Facebook viral: mother discovers that her baby and her dog got together to grab some cookies without permission | Social networks

A great friendship. A lots of parents decide to host animals in their homes so that they are the best company for their children. However, they never imagine that they end up as accomplices of their antics. As demonstrated in a recent case that was shared on Facebook, where a dog joined a kid to … Read more

6 dogs confiscated on A8 near Ulm – SWR news

The veterinary office of the Alb-Donau district confiscated six dogs that are said to have come from the illegal puppy trade. Customs had previously stopped a pickup truck on the A8. The dogs were in poor health. District Office Alb-Donau-Kreis When the official veterinarians checked the vehicle from Serbia, they found six puppies in very … Read more

“I’m not your toy”, the motto of the Valencia City Council regarding the importance of giving animals at Christmas

The campaign was presented this Tuesday by the Councilor for Animal Welfare, Gloria Tello The purpose is to underline the importance of adding an animal to the family The Councilor for Animal Welfare, Gloria Tello, today presented the graphic campaign ‘I’m not your toy’. Send a message of responsibility to citizens, especially to fathers and … Read more

The dog Sally is poisoned, he puts in a three thousand euro bounty to find the author

A three thousand euro bounty to those who will provide useful information to identify and trace the person who poisoned Sally, a 9-year-old German shepherd who lived with his adoptive family in Anzola Emilia, in the province of Bologna. A bad story that moved all the neighbors, so much so that they decided to help … Read more

Six “animaladas” with which the Animal Protection Law wants to end, with fines of up to € 600,000

It has been almost two months since the law was submitted to public information. It will be the first norm that, at the state level, recognizes “rights” to animals. Those of company, those of food exploitation and those that are used for human leisure (hunting, zoos, circuses …). United We can sources regret that “Moncloa … Read more

The Government will ban mink farms and animals in circuses

Prepares a bill that sanctions the raising of animals by individuals and the sacrifice of pets, their sale in stores and that will fine up to 600,000 euros for dog or rooster fights The Government will prohibit the breeding of wild animals of foreign species, both by individuals and professionals, which will decree the closure … Read more

Fox attack in Berlin: Mum saves Chihuahua Gini | Regional

Berlin – With big googly eyes, Gini (3) looks sadly out of the ruff, her legs are bandaged with paw gauze. The fact that the Chihuahua is still alive is only thanks to the courage of her mistress! Because: She tore Gini out of the mouth of a city fox … Wildlife attack in the … Read more

Facebook viral: naughty dog ​​gets on the baby’s bed to ‘steal’ the pacifier and his owner discovers it | Social networks

On more than one occasion, dogs have proven to be great babysitters. It is for this reason that more and more parents allow their children to grow up alongside their pets. However, one puppy in particular took advantage of his owners’ trust to do his thing while the boy slept pleasantly. The video Facebook has … Read more