Mayor of Santa Marta urges to denounce the mistreatment of animals

The Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta asked the resident community throughout the geography of the city to report cases of animal abuse, which have been recurring this year. The most recent was that of two street dwellers who in the Sesquicentennial Park, near the public market, killed a cat and seriously injured another. The fact … Read more

They denounce animal abuse on the rise to the Acatenango volcano

On the ascent to the Acatenango volcano, mistreatment of a horse was caught. OTHER NEWS: Sicarios charged Q20 thousand for killing former “Combate” member, Jean Pierre Mota A group of tourists nationals captured the moment when a horse He was left lying on the ground, on the route up the Acatenango volcano, apparently due to … Read more

Investigated a former archer for hurting a dog with a crush in Ibiza

The Civil Guard has investigated a 31-year-old man in Ibiza as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse. After the presentation of the complaint, an investigation was initiated to locate the person who committed the act. As reported by the Civil Guard this Sunday in a press release, days later the alleged perpetrator … Read more

PVEM Tabasco seeks severe sanctions against animal abuse – El Heraldo de Tabasco

The Deputy of the Green Ecologist Party in Tabasco, Miguel Vélez Mier y Concha, said that his party is close to presenting an animal empathy law where it will be sought that the aggressors have a greater sanction and apply it. Read more: The violence and sadism of Tabasco people against animals grows Given the … Read more

Is the ban on the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops a threat to the sector?

DECRYPTION – The law prohibiting the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores from 2024 questions the future of these stores. With nearly nine million dogs and 15 million cats, the French no longer hide their growing affection for pets. However, it will no longer be possible to soften up in front of puppies … Read more

A “calvary” to file complaints for animal abuse in Morelos – El Sol de Cuernavaca

Filing a complaint for animal abuse in the State of Morelos before the Procuraduría de Protección al Ambiente del Estado de Morelos (Propaem) continues to be an “ordeal”, since in most cases, the accusations of citizens are ignored, it is more , they are not even assigned a file number. The new head of this … Read more

In Oaxaca, a taxi driver who ran over a dog could receive criminal sanction

Oscar Rodriguez Oaxaca / 23.11.2021 17:25:06 In Oaxaca, a taxi driver from a metropolitan area was sanctioned and subjected to prosecution for running over a dog on public roads, after the complaint made by its owner on social networks. The head of the Oaxaca Mobility Secretariat, Arturo López Sorroza, reported that the taxi driver was … Read more

two men received 5 years in prison for the brutal murder of a dog – Ukraine –

The skinners strangled and beat the dog with bricks. In the Chernihiv region, two men were sentenced to 5 years in prison for cruel murder dogs. Such a verdict was passed by the Repkinsky District Court of Chernihiv region. Also read This was reported by the press service of the Chernihiv region prosecutor’s office. One … Read more