Readers’ complaints: the chicken that sets your mouth on fire

Bego writes with a blaze coming out of his mouth: “By God! Rectify the kung pao chicken recipe. I’ve only put in 20g of dried chili and I almost died. If I put the 50 g, I have to throw it away. Meanwhile, Carpe Diem soaked his tongue as he typed This red alert on … Read more

Amount in words, number in words, number in text, online conversion :: Num-Words.Com

An amount in words We look forward to welcoming you to our service to write numbers in words! You can find the correct spelling of Numbers in words generate or find in the base, and one can also convert the spelling of money into words. Amount of money in words can be converted to languages … Read more

France introduced a nationwide lockdown :: Society :: RBC

Previously, lockdown was introduced only in the Ile-de-France metropolitan area, Lyon and a number of other departments. Compared to the data at the beginning of the year, the increase in the average number of cases detected per day in France was up to two times Фото: Sadak Souici / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look … Read more

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for March 20 :: Society :: RBC

Russia has allowed the entry of foreign students, the third wave of coronavirus in Europe, Germany may purchase “Sputnik V” bypassing the European Union. Key events – in the RBC review Coronavirus Russia Moscow World 0 (per day) Recovered 0 0 (per day) Got infected 0 0 (per day) Died 0 (per day) Recovered 0 … Read more

Reuters reported on the humanitarian crisis on the border of the United States and Mexico :: Society :: RBC

Gloria Chavez, head of the border control point in El Paso, said that the US’s priority goal is to send illegal families back to Mexico. However, the country has established daily quotas for receiving deportees, so many families are sent to shelters. According to The New York Times, the number of migrants arriving in small … Read more

Trends of Thought | American Graduate Scholarships Explains what scholarships are available for graduate students to the United States_tuition

Original title: Thoughts in English | American Graduate Scholarships Explains what scholarships graduate students have to go to the United States The cost of studying in the United States is very high. If you can apply for a scholarship to study in the United States, you can reduce a part of the cost of studying … Read more

Covid-19 Recovery Increases Again to 1,189,510 People – The progress of patients recovering as of March 6, 2021, the number has exceeded 1.1 million people, or the number to be precise has increased to 1,189,510 people with the percentage at 86.6%. This cumulative cure rate increased with the addition of 6,823 people recovering daily. There are five provinces adding the highest … Read more

One person was admitted to hospital after vaccination – People’s Deputy

The number of side effects among those vaccinated is one percent, says Radutsky. During the week of the coronavirus vaccination campaign in Ukraine, 126 reports of side effects were recorded, one person was admitted to the hospital. This was announced on Thursday, March 4, by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Health … Read more

University of Birmingham Summer Professional English (PSE) Course_UK

Original title: University of Birmingham Summer Professional English (PSE) Course The University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham), referred to as “Berda”, was founded in 1825. It is a school located in Birmingham, England. It is one of the six red brick universities. It was awarded the Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1900 . The … Read more