AMC to reopen almost all US movie theaters by Friday

AMC, the world’s largest movie theater chain, said it will open nearly all of its US locations starting Friday, marking a significant milestone for the company that narrowly avoided bankruptcy amid the pandemic. Shares of AMC rose nearly 6 percent to $14.35 in early Thursday trading on the news. AMC’s shares have surged more than … Read more

The Walking Dead: Carol actress spoke about the character’s relationship with Daryl

Fans will receive in a few hours, the final episodes of the extended season 10 of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead, which will arrive with a new threat that will put the lives of the main characters at risk. Another topic that will be addressed is how Daryl and Carol will resume their friendly … Read more

How the Reddit merchants are reacting to the crash

Price development of the Gamestop share More and more Reddit traders seem to be selling their Gamestop stocks. (Photo: Reuters) San Francisco The posts in the Reddit forum “Wall Street Bets” sound like slogans to hold out in a trench: “Don’t sell! I repeat: DO NOT sell! ”Writes one member of the group with more … Read more

The new madness of the markets: the search for the shortest stocks

You’ve probably heard about what’s happening with GameStop stocks. If you haven’t: here’s the story in a nutshell. About a week ago, an analyst appeared on social media and gave several reasons why the company’s shares are expensive and should fall to $ 20. At the time, the stock of the video game store was … Read more