Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Differences and course of diseases

According to a study by the German Employees Health Insurance Fund (DAK), every second German is now afraid of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia as they get older. But what exactly is Alzheimer’s? And how does it differ from dementia? What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s? Dementia is the generic term for diseases that … Read more

Neuroinflammation the main cause of disease progression – healing practice

How does Alzheimer’s disease progress in the brain and what can be done about it? (Image: nobeastsofierce / How is Alzheimer’s progressing? The role that so-called neuroinflammation plays in the development of Alzheimer’s has been investigated in a recent study – with quite a surprising result. Neuroinflammation appears to be the main cause of … Read more

Highlights of the international conference of the Alzheimer Society 2021

DENVER, Feb. 6 / PRNewswire / – Research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® (AAIC®) 2021 suggests that COVID-19 is linked to long-term cognitive dysfunction and an acceleration in the pathology and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. These studies were one of several groundbreaking research papers unveiled at AAIC 2021. “These new data point to … Read more

Diet mind.. The brain diet reduces weight, protects you from Alzheimer’s, and strengthens your memory

Diet mind or the brain diet is one of the recently adopted diets to lose excess weight and burn calories, but it is not limited to that, as it also has the ability to improve brain health and strengthen cognition by eating foods known for their nutritional value in brain health, also known as diet. … Read more

Protein accumulations in the reproductive system crucial? – healing practice

The protein balance in the reproductive system has an impact on protein deposits in the entire organism. (Image: Kateryna_Kon / Sexual cell protein balance affects harmful protein deposition Protein deposits in the body are associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). In a recent study it has now … Read more

Aducanumab is the first drug effective against Alzheimer’s disease?

Aducanumab is the new remedy, the first ever Alzheimer can slow down. It is approved in the USA – and highly controversial. Alzheimer’s drug approved in the USA – will we soon? For Alzheimer’s sufferers and their relatives it is the only glimmer of hope in a desperate situation, for the manufacturer Biogen a billion … Read more

Too little sleep in middle age increases the risk of dementia – healing practice

Middle-aged people who regularly sleep six hours or less seem to have a significantly higher risk of developing dementia later in life. (Image: eldarnurkovic / Lack of sleep linked to risk of dementia Health experts repeatedly emphasize how important restful sleep is for health and performance. During sleep, for example, the brain should detoxify … Read more

Viral video | The love story of a man with Alzheimer’s who forgot he is married and proposes to his wife again | Stories | United States | USA | USA | nnda nnni | VIRAL

Alzheimer’s has stolen Peter Marshall’s memories, but there is only one thing this man from America never forgets. Despite suffering from this disease that makes him forget things like being married, he has not forgotten how much he loves what he calls his “favorite person”: his wife Lisa, with whom he has been married for … Read more

Viral video | Alzheimer’s patient forgets that he is married for 12 years and asks his wife for her hand again | Stories | United States | USA | USA | nnda nnni | STORIES

Video viral | The Alzheimer has stolen Peter Marshall’s memories, but there is only one thing that this man from Connecticut, in USA, never seems to forget. Despite suffering from this disease that makes him forget things like his name or his marital status, he has not forgotten how much he loves what he calls … Read more

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.. 6 foods to improve brain health and increase focus

Every year in June, the world celebrates Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, the most common type of dementia, where plaques form in the brain, which leads to a gradual loss of cognitive ability and a decline in the function of daily activities, and you can protect yourself from this disease and maintain brain health from While … Read more