China has ordered technology giants such as Alibaba, Xiaomi and Huawei: ‘Fenced gardens’ banned – News by sources

The Chinese Ministry of Industry has asked technology companies such as Alibaba and Tencent not to block each other’s web site links on their platforms, the 21st Century Business Herald was quoted as saying by Reuters on Saturday. According to sources quoted in the publication, the Ministry of Information Technology and Industry has proposed standard … Read more

Disappeared 114 days Ma Yun low-key inspection of vegetable greenhouses led to speculation | Alibaba | Pinghu City, Zhejiang | Common Wealth

[Epoch Times September 11, 2021]A few days ago, photos of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, inspecting several vegetable greenhouses in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, were exposed. He appeared after 114 days of disappearing from public view, sparking public speculation. Comprehensive mainland media reports, on September 1, Jack Ma wore a white cap, maroon T-shirt … Read more

Alibaba Pledges to Invest in Charitable Causes and Its Stock Sinks on the Stock Market | ECONOMY

Updated on 09/03/2021 09:10 am Chinese online trading giant Alibaba saw its shares plummet on Friday after promising to invest 100 billion yuan (US $ 15.4 billion) in charitable causes in response to President Xi Jinping’s appeal. In August, the head of state had asked the richest of his compatriots to work more for the … Read more

Insight into Alibaba’s financial report: strategic investment loss of 10 billion Zhang Yong said platform interoperability “will win more” | Alibaba|Financial Report|Alibaba_Sina Technology_Sina

Text|Sina Technology Yang Xuemei Edit | Han Dapeng last night,AlibabaRelease the first financial report for the new fiscal year. On the whole, Alibaba’s core data is relatively stable, but it is still in a regulatory transition period, and related business and financial data will still be affected. After the release of the earnings report, Alibaba’s … Read more

Alibaba still holds a 7% stake in China Radio and Television, and the loss of digital entertainment businesses such as Youku will decrease in fiscal 2021 | DVBCN

On July 27, Alibaba Group released its 2021 fiscal year report, and during the same period, Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO Zhang Yong issued a letter to shareholders. As of the end of the fiscal year in March 2021, Alibaba Ecosystem’s global annual active consumers have exceeded the 1 billion milestone, reaching 1.13 billion. In … Read more

The decision of the Chinese authorities to regulate the education market led to the loss of Russian shareholders

The collapse of securities quotes in the Chinese private education sector, which began last Friday, is far from the last shock for investors investing in the assets of companies from the Middle Kingdom if the local government continues to interfere in the activities of the commercial sector, analysts interviewed by Gazeta.Ru believe. “. They all … Read more

Behind the popularity of cat and dog restaurants, the pet market segmentation track is breaking out | CBNData

“Bobby, which one would you like to eat?” “Let’s eat this, okay? It looks so delicious, doesn’t it?” “Wow, these snacks are exquisite, and their looks are too high. Let’s take a picture with Ma Ma!” This with a “wow” little excitement frequently appeared in the pet restaurant of the “Cat and Dog Club”. You … Read more

Chinese Communist Party: Changeable like a chameleon

WHow often has it been pronounced dead, and how often has it taught its critics otherwise. We are talking about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is celebrating its 100th birthday these days. What sounds like a joke is reality: in 1921 a few communists meet in Shanghai to found a party. 100 years later, … Read more

Li Jiaqi has another gold-sucking IP, and the dog he raises carries 30 million goods overnight | CBNData

The “female celebrity surnamed n”, who was praised by Li Jiaqi in one hand, went out to do it alone. On May 31st, Li Jiaqi first congratulated the Children’s Day on the official Weibo, and then announced the official opening of the Nawa family’s flagship store on Tmall. Naiwa is the Chinese name of “never … Read more

Feeding dogs with chili peppers and dyeing cats with dark circles, what other “extraordinary” behaviors do cute pet bloggers have? | CBNData

With the development of e-commerce live broadcasts, some pet bloggers in the head have participated in live broadcasts. During the 618 period last year, Douyin pet blogger “Wang Xiaoyin Yanxuan” live broadcasts totaled 2.08 million yuan, with a total of nearly one million viewers. “Tire Baba” tried a live broadcast of cross-border jewelry, and the … Read more