Smolenskaya Gazeta – Olga Maslova: I dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood!

Education Mathematics teacher at the Elninsk Secondary School No. K.I. Rakutin Olga MASLOVA – a participant in the regional professional competition “Teacher of the Year” – 2022 will be remembered for a long time. She has been working at the school for only five years and has already earned the high title of laureate. “This … Read more

Russia: Vladimir Putin’s parallel world – WORLD

Dhe “Manege” exhibition hall, right outside the gates of the Kremlin, had been cordoned off across a large area. There, Russian President Vladimir Putin gathered his ministers, members of the lower and upper houses of the State Duma and various dignitaries from religion, art and culture who were loyal to the Kremlin. In his speech … Read more

Smolensk newspaper – On the way to a dream

Society In 1998, the administration of the Smolensk region established a scholarship named after Prince Smolensky Roman Rostislavovich – in order to financially support gifted youth and encourage full-time students (cadets) of full-time education at state universities, colleges, as well as schoolchildren who have shown special abilities in mastering the basics of science. Scholarship applicants … Read more

when and where it will take place, the program of the International Music Festival

The International Jazz Spring Festival in Samara in 2021 will gather musicians in our city for the tenth time. The jubilee jazz gathering starts on March 1 and will last for three days. The concerts will be held at three city venues: the opening of the festival and final performances will take place at the … Read more

concerts, circus, fights without rules

. A photo: Tatiana PODYABLONSKAYA STORY ABOUT CAPTAIN GATTERAS On February 19, the Voronezh Concert Hall will host a concert program as part of subscription number 3. The famous artist Grigory Siyatvinda will come on tour. The actor will read “The Story of Captain Hatteras, Mitya Strelnikov, the Bully Vaska Taburetkin and the Evil Cat … Read more

What have we found after losing our Soviet education?

The current education system is largely the heir to the same Soviet system. Photo: Alexey BULATOV This book began with a call from Serega from Samara to the Parental Question program, which for many years I have been conducting at the Radio KP radio station: – Give us back the Soviet education, and everything will … Read more

Concerts of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Society from 18 to 24 January

Drum show “Sense of Rhythm” Photo: press service of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic The coming week promises to Yekaterinburg a meeting with the world famous soprano Venus Gimadieva, the story of Mozart and Salieri, as well as a concert of the audience’s favorites The Drum Show “Sense of Rhythm”. A new project of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic … Read more

concerts and performances for Tula on vacation

What concerts and performances await Tula residents this weekend Photo: Alexey Fokin In the Tula Regional Philharmonic on January 2, 4, 5 and 6 – a children’s musical performance “The Wizards of the Emerald City”, January 6 – a concert program “Bach by candlelight-II”, January 7 – “The Light of a Wonderful Star”. In the … Read more