A classic and high-quality time to listen to in a relaxed manner. Listen to live performances of hit songs such as “HANABI” and fall asleep. “Chill Classic Concert -2021 Winter-” held

◆『Chill Classic Concert』とは “A classic and high-quality time to listen to in a relaxed manner.” The grandeur and extraordinary feeling of a classical concert. The elegant tone played in a luxurious venue relaxes the hearts of people. On the other hand, especially for the younger generation, the image of being stiff and sometimes boring has … Read more

Pianist Yuichiro Onuki’s first delivery piano concert “For Analise” will be delivered live from 20:00 on 12/10 (Friday)! | Press release of TBS GLOWDIA Co., Ltd.

Challenge of pianist Yuichiro OnukiA new world of music guided by music analysis Yuichiro Onuki, a pianist and music director who has played with top artists in various genres such as chanson, jazz, pop, and classical music, and has expanded his musical career with Yoshio Inoue, is his first time. Held a delivery piano concert. … Read more

The DX program of the California Institute of Technology, which ranks first in the world science university rankings, is now open in Japan! | Press release of SKY Educational Partners Co., Ltd.

Background of the program In recent years, there have been numerous places to learn about DX. However, there are very few programs that develop skill sets to solve business problems based on them, and most of them lecture only on the outline of the technique and way of thinking of small hands. This program aims … Read more

“Morning Musume. ’21 Concert Teenage Solution ~ Yuki Sato Graduation Special ~” Hikari TV exclusive PPV live distribution!

  Morning Musume will be delivered live. It is a graduation concert of Masaki Sato who has been active for 10 years as a member of the 10th term. She has gained popularity due to her innocent personality and expressive performance, and is attracting attention as a culmination of her performance that has led Hello! … Read more

Central Link Co., Ltd. x SDGs Introducing products to create a better environment | Press release of Central Link Co., Ltd.

The SDGs have 17 goals, but one of the items we are working on is “responsibility to create and use”. We would like to propose products that realize sustainable supply by changing the conventional manufacturing method.Animal serumMany suppliers aim to collect raw materials that are not slaughtered. It is a product that is conscious of … Read more

Pre-order sales start from November 28th! | Press release of Realize Co., Ltd.

Realize Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) will be offering “Matsudog PC Cushion / Floating Ring” on Animo, an EC site specializing in anime and manga, from November 28th to December 11th. ! Marin ver. (Manufacturer: Content Seed) ”will be available for pre-order! ◆ Matsudog PC Cushion Marin ver. Product price: 2,750 yen (tax included) Product … Read more

Digital Education Facility “REDEE” Programming School 2nd Presentation “REDEE Kids Grand Prix 2021 2nd” Held

◆ REDEE Programming School 2nd Presentation “REDEE Kids Grand Prix 2021 2nd” At “REDEE”, Japan’s largest digital education facility in LaLaport Expo City, a commercial facility in Suita City, Osaka, the second presentation of the programming school “REDEE Kids Grand Prix 2021 2nd” will be held on November 21st (Sun). ) Was held. The school … Read more

OKAYA Charity Concert Binaural version will be delivered! | CBC Television Co., Ltd. Press Release

It has been decided that the “OKAYA Charity Concert” held on July 28th (Wednesday) will be redistributed on the Internet in binaural (3D sound). The “OKAYA Charity Concert” is held every year by Okaya & Co., Ltd., and although it was held without an audience this year, it was watched by many people through live … Read more

Makura Co., Ltd. sponsors the concert “Passo a Passo Concert 2021” held in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture.

Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture is also known as“Kashiwa, the city of music”。 Kashiwa has been recognized as a city of music due to the activities of local street musicians and the brass band club of a local high school. Makura Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, supports the efforts to revitalize the region … Read more

Manebi, which develops employee education support tools, has raised a total of 820 million yen!Keisuke Honda’s KSK Angel Fund, CRG Investment, etc. invested | Press release of manebi Co., Ltd.

Financing background and future prospects Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many companies have introduced work styles that suit new lifestyles, such as teleworking and working from home, and the human resources strategies that accompany them are being reviewed. In the report on human capital of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and … Read more