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[Epoch Times November 26, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhao Qiongyu Melbourne compiled a report) A couple in Melbourne sold nearly 200,000 bags of dog snacks last year, earning 750,000 Australian dollars. Their dog birthday cake package is very popular among dog families.

According to news.com.au, Alice Needham and Philip Chaplin initially ran a food store in Brighton. Later they changed the food store to Got a dog food bakery.

They used their own recipes to make some “cute and fun” dog food, such as donuts, cakes and snacks, and they were welcomed by people.

As more and more people celebrate birthdays for their dogs, there is a surge in demand for dog treats. About seven years ago, Needham and Chaplin launched the “Wagalot” business, which specializes in providing high-quality snacks for dogs.

Needham said they started selling dog birthday cake set in 2013, which is the first in Australia. This dog birthday cake package allows people to make cakes and decorate for their dogs by themselves, or they can customize birthday cakes for their dogs.

Needham explained: “Birthday cakes can be baked in a microwave oven. You can make a cake in two minutes without any baking skills-as long as you can put things in a bowl and stir, you can Can make cakes for your dog.”

“This package comes with a baking tray, candles, sprinkles, cake mix and icing.”

“For those who don’t want to bake, we will prepare a birthday gift box for the dog, which contains a bone-shaped coated biscuit, candles, hats and popcorn. The dog likes it very much, and Philip can’t even make it. NS.”

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Chaplin is also very creative. He made a series of dog biscuits with Vegemite sauce, which is popular with Australians, at a price of about $12 per bag.

“People want to do something special for their dogs on their birthdays,” Needham said. “Many people don’t necessarily know their dogs’ birthdays, but they have an’adoption date’, so they adopt Their day is the dog’s birthday.”

She said that there are 6 million pet dogs in Australia, which is a huge market. During the epidemic, the number of dog owners increased significantly.

Last year, sales of Wagalot dog snacks surged, with sales reaching nearly 200,000 bags. There are currently 400 discount stores and pet shops across Australia selling Wagalot dog treats.

Needham and Chaplin’s goal is to have every Woolworths, Coles and IGA supermarket in Australia sell their dog birthday cake set. They hope that the annual sales of Wagalot dog snacks will reach 5 million Australian dollars in the next three years.

Recently, they launched a Birchal equity crowdfunding campaign to expand the scale of production and can buy shares of their company for only A$250.

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