Private donation: Schoolbags for 14 Ukrainian students

Happy about a donation for 14 school satchels and accessories: Malteser district manager Tim Feister and school head Marc Adomat (Photo: City of Leverkusen)

Leverkusen. This week, children of refugees from the Ukraine will start school in Leverkusen for the first time. In order to make it easier for them and their parents to start school, an engineering office from Cologne has donated more than 2,000 euros to the North-East Rhineland district of the Malteser relief service for new school bags and accessories. On site, a corresponding need was queried about the elementary schools – with the result that 14 Ukrainian children in Leverkusen are now being given a school bag.

“I am very happy about this private donation,” emphasizes Marc Adomat, Head of Social Affairs, “but I would also like to thank the Malteser on site, because without their contacts, this school bag campaign would not have been possible.”

The 14 school satchels applied for go to ten boys and four girls in Leverkusen. The satchels can be picked up by the children’s parents at the schools one day before they start school. Many different motifs were selected, but with all satchels attention was paid to brand quality and that the knapsacks can grow ergonomically. The equipment includes a pencil case, a gym bag, a drinking bottle and a lunch box for each child.

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